Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Will You Be Found?

When Jesus returns, how will He find you?
It's a question I've been constantly asking myself.
"When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8

The way this world is going...even those who are not believers, believe that the world must be coming to an end. And even if the whole world isn't, people's own personal worlds seems to be crumbling underneath them and they are struggling to even survive. It is so heartbreaking. Yet, through it all, we're told to continue to have faith.

For those who know me well, you know that I love to share ways in which I've heard God speak to me through my daily walk of faith. Today, as I sat in church, I heard God speaking to me about how much we limit Him in our lives. As we face adversities and overwhelming challenges, we tend to declare our situations "impossible." We forget that we worship a God who DOES the impossible. He makes ALL things possible! If we really believed that....why would we ever give in to doubt and discouragement? If we go to the book of Acts, Chapter 16, we find Paul the Apostle....who had just been stripped, beaten, and flogged. (These days, many people feel they've endured these same sufferings.) After Paul was physically beaten...He was thrown into jail....and they fastened his feet to the stocks. But here's the clincher....most of us would have found a million and one reasons why God let us down, why He didn't show up when He was supposed to, why He didn't keep His Word, but Paul did the opposite. At about midnight, Paul began praying and singing hymns to God!!!!! Then something amazing happened...there was a sudden violent earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken....the prison doors flew open...and everyone's chains came loose! Okay, the end of the story is that Paul ended up bringing the jailer and his family to salvation....isn't that CRAZY!

So, as we look at our situations, the trying times, and overwhelming uncertainties, what are we doing as we sit in despair? Are we allowing ourselves to remain chained to the stocks or are we praying and offering up praise to God? I'm certain Paul didn't "feel" like praying and singing hymns...He had to make a conscious effort to do so. How he did it through the unbelievable physcial suffering he endured, we'll never know....we can only assume it was by the grace and strength of God. This is the kind of faith I want to have....what about you? If Jesus returned today....would He find faith in YOUR life? I don't know about you, but I'm going to focus on doing alot more worshiping and ALOT LESS worrying....(I want God to move in my life and keep all chains from binding me!) Know that He'll move heaven and earth to show Himself strong to those who have faith in Him.
Besides, what's there to worry about.....Jesus will catch you when you fall!


Sherry said...

I find it difficult to leave all worry and anxiety to Jesus when your role models didn't show the same behavior. I'm going through a battle for my mind right now and I ask and pray for help from Jesus but I don't see it and don't feel it. What do you do when you feel you don't deserve it? I am starting to feel angry and bitter all over again. This world can be mean and cruel and I am afraid I am losing the battle.

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