Saturday, December 13, 2008

U Turns

Although this happened a year ago, I will never forget the message that God so loudly spoke to me. I pray it is a reminder in your own life that we should daily seek God's plans for our aware of opportunties He places before us in which we are able to fulfill His purpsoes.
"We can make our plans, but he Lord determines our steps" Proverbs 16:9

Yesterday, my children and I set out to attend a Holiday event. We had planned our whole day around it and we were REALLY excited. But as we arrived at the park, we found out, it was last weekend. I couldn't believe it! I was let down, my children were let down and we wondered, "what do we do now??"

So as I pulled away I realized I needed to run an errand at the local drug store, so I opted to go to the one that was closest...I proceeded to drive, I was almost there, and for some reason..I took a U turn. Why? well, maybe the rest of the story explains that. So I headed back 4 miles in the other direction to a drug store that is actually closer to my home. As I drove down a busy street...I remained at the 40mph speed limit as hurried people FLEW by. As I was driving, admiring the beautiful snow covering the homes, I noticed an elderly man had fallen in his driveway. I took a second look, and sure enough, he could not get up. He laid there, watching all the cars rush by. I couldn't stop immediately because of all the traffic, so I told my two children who were in the back seats, "Mommy, has to turn around, we have to help someone!" I made ANOTHER U Turn...and pulled into his driveway. He looked at me in such awe! "Who are you, he asked, where did you come from??" His eyes were full of gratitude and you could tell his heart was warmed over. In fact, he didn't even seem to concerned about getting up anymore...he was just in such shock that I stopped! I got his mail for him, (which is what he was after...with no jacket, in dress shoes, in 27 degrees) We chatted, and he continued to look at me in such shock and amazement that I would have even noticed him much less stop to help him. His name was Bob...please pray for Bob.

So here it is, God said, "Be willing to make U Turns in life." You see, my day didn't go as I planned, it went just as GOD planned. I wonder how many cars passed by Bob because they were speeding, I wonder how many saw him, but didn't stop to help because they were too busy. God has plans for our lives, that work in HIS timing. We can't be ahead of Him, we can't be behind Him....our intimate relationship will keep us right in step with Him. Every morning before I rise, I pray that God will use me to be His hands and feet, to be His vessel in order to glorify His name; today He certainly answered that prayer. What if our holiday event would not have been cancelled, what if I would not have made the first u turn (which I still wonder why I did) and what if I would not have been going the speed limit? I would not only have missed be a blessing to this elderly man, I would have missed the awesome blessing that God gave to my heart. I challenge you to look at your own life...are you so busy with your own plans that you fail to REALLY look around you, to see if someone is in need or requires a helping hand. These are our opportunities that someone might see Christ in us. One day, we will meet Jesus (Matthew 25:31) and I wonder what He will say. Did we feed Him, did we offer Him drink, did we clothe Him, did we care for Him when He was sick, did we visit Him when He was in need? Jesus said, "I TELL YOU THE TRUTH, WHATEVER YOU DID FOR ONE OF THE LEAST OF THESE BROTHERS OF MINE, YOU DID FOR ME." (Matthew 25:40) Don't miss an opportunity to be a blessing, and receive the blessings God has for you, be willing to make U turns in life.

Love to you all!


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