Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Is God Doing?

There are so many times in my life when I wonder, "What is God doing?" Trying to understand God only drives us into a continual downward spiral of despair because we will never fully understand His ways and His purposes until we see Him face to face. What I've learned through trying times is that sometimes it isn't God's will for us to "Get out of that pit" or experience our "Best Life Now." Sometimes, we are right where God wants us....broken, helpless, and in need of a Savior. Now, don't get me wrong....a postive attitude can't hurt, but don't be deceived....it won't change God's will. Often times, there is very little we can do in our circumstances.....most of the time, the outcome of our situations are dependent upon our faith in God; it's all about surrendering our will and embracing His-trusting that God knows what He's doing!

There are a few things we can be certain of as we take each step of faith. First, whatever God is doing is going to take some time. God is in no hurry, He's more concerned with fulfilling His good and perfect purposes rather than our temporary pleasures and comfort. During this time of waiting, He has given us His grace. And as He works withing our circumstances, He's purging all the graceless characteristics from our lives. God is not only powerful, He's persistent, and He is faithful to His Word.

Second, we can almost be assured that we are going to experience some pain as God works within us. He prunes us.....and most of the time that hurts. It's part of the process because most of the time, whether we want to admit it or not, we need to be broken. It's when we are upon our knees that we have a greater desire within us to look up!

Third, we're going to experience change. Things will not be the same once God begins to work. You'll see it, you'll feel it, and you'll notice that things are different. It may mean losing a friendship, it might mean losing a loved one, it might mean going through an illness. We must understand Truth and Truth says that sometimes it's not God's will that people are healed, that relationships are rescued, that loved ones are saved, or that our wants and desires are fulfilled. God is concerned with His plans for our lives and our greatest fulfillment will come from trusting in Him and living according to His perfect plan. Although we cannot understand His every move, He has given us His Word so that we might trust in His character and faithfulness. God's greatest desire is that you know Him, walk with Him, and trust Him completely through every step of this journey.

One thing we can be sure of as we "wait" on God......God is VERY busy! I pray that as I reflect upon these same truths in my own life, you too will find encouragement and strength from knowing that God cares deeply for you and He will NEVER leave you nor forsake you!


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