Thursday, August 27, 2009

Handbook for Every Christian

I cannot imagine a better message for the Christian that has been struggling for years to live “the life,” or the skeptic who is uncertain that Christianity is all that it’s cracked up to be. Andrew Farley pulls back the curtain of Christianity, confronts the superficial religious aspects that have tainted the Christian faith since the beginning, and reveals the Truth that will set you free!

The author weaves his own personal experience into the message in such a way that you can’t help but relate to his struggles as a Christian. There are far too many Christians walking away from the faith because they are unable to meet the “expectations” they believe that God and the church have for them. It is a sad truth that Andrew Farley is not afraid to address and attack head on. He dives into the core issues that all Christians face…believing you must evangelize by standing on the street corner handing out tracts, the demand by many pastors that you must tithe 10%, falling victim to the idea that our inner nature is sinful, etc. They are the issues that keep Christians living a life bound by the “law.” The Truth is that as Christians we’ve be set free from the law and the new covenant is the TRUE Gospel. It’s the “Good News.”

I would highly recommend this book. It is VERY well organized, incredibly well written, and truly addresses the critical issues that every Christian faces at one point or another. The Truth that sets you free is what Andrew Farley so brilliantly presents, “It’s Jesus plus NOTHING!”


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