Thursday, October 1, 2009

A "Beginning" Devotional

We all need to spend more intimate time with God and Alicia Britt Chole has set out to draw you nearer to Him through “Intimate Conversations.” The author mostly reflects and examines her own personal life and walk of faith, in order to get you to seek out God’s presence and purposes in your own life. Each devotional highlights issues of faith that all Christian women deal with…a longing for God, a desire to know Him better, the feelings of not being “good enough,” weakness of faith, needing guidance and wisdom, and help in understanding suffering.

Overall, I just couldn’t seem to get into this book. I would probably recommend it for those women who are “beginning” their faith walk. One of the things that I would point out is that I felt that there were too many references in the devotionals regarding the author’s children and “motherhood.” I really saw this book to be more fitting for “moms” because of that fact. (I just felt like women who may not be mothers or who may not be able to have children would be irritated by the constant referrals to motherhood experiences. I’m a mother and it was somewhat irritating to me. I just didn’t find the references useful in examining my own faith walk.) There were a few devotionals that seemed to reach me and cause me to dig deeper in my faith, but overall, I felt they were just touching the surface and I didn’t find myself anxious to dive into the next devotional. That being said, the author’s style of writing was very personal, encouraging, and embracing; you could truly sense her heart for God.


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