Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When You Need a Miracle-book review

There are books that are read cover to cover, and then there are books like “When You Need a Miracle” where you can’t help but feel the warmth of God’s heart embracing yours. From page to page this book envelopes God’s love and mercy for each of us and assures that His is always with us and always at work even in our darkest hour. Ann Spangler has the ability to present God’s message to you in a way where you will sense His Spirit through every word and feel the warmth of His embrace within each page.

The book focuses on Scriptures that reveal God’s angels at work as He draws us nearer to Him through our deepest valleys. We are reminded that through it all, even when we are unable to “feel” God’s presence, He is behind the scenes working miracles. The book gives you a refreshed hope that God wants to work a miracle in your life too. Each reading gives you a Scripture to meditate on, a story or devotional about God’s faithfulness, and a prayer for inner reflection.

My only disappointment with the book would be that I expected more modern stories that would “awe” me and cause me to really step out in greater faith. Saying that, I found that the devotionals and stories certainly affirmed my faith, and brought me great peace and confidence in my ever faithful God.


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