Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Conversation with God (for Women)

First and foremost, I would never hesitate to purchase any book written by Marcia Ford. I was first introduced to this author through her book "Essentials for Life."

She is a brilliant writer that is able to convey a deeply heart felt message in a highly understandable and organized way. She is able to speak across cultural, age, and education barriers. Anyone who picks up a book by Marcia Ford is in for a true blessing.

"A Conversation with God for Women" will have you anxiously turning pages. Through each page, it is God's voice you'll hear. He'll speak right to you. He'll use examples from the Old Testament, and then He'll have you sit down with Jesus so that He can walk you through some of the New Testament. The Bible's principles and God's voice will come alive as you read through the questions your heart has been longing to have answered by the Maker of the Universe.

Some of the questions I thoroughly enjoyed reading and gained greater insight through were:
How can some unbelievers be so good?
How can evil coexist with Your love?
What's wrong with relationships with unbelieving men?
What's so bad about gossip?
How can we respect an ungodly boss?
How can we do it all?
(these are just a few out of fifty-five questions!)

This is the PERFECT book for the new sister in Christ. Some of life's most difficult questions when it comes to Christianity are answered with abundant Scriptural reference. For those who are more mature in their faith, you might be surprised at what you DON'T know on the topics covered! The only thing about this book that I would have changed is that I wish there were MORE questions! ;)

I would have liked to have seen more questions answered regarding women and how to handle relationships and behaviors. A great deal of the book is spent on the "basics" of life . . . not necessarily just pertaining to women. (i.e. God, Jesus, The Bible, Life, Prayer, Good and Evil.) I enjoy Marcia Ford's writing and wisdom so much; she just simply leaves you longing for more!

*I was provided this book by Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze program for free in exchange for my unbiased review.


Unknown said...

Hello my friend..
Thanks for the referal to that book.. with this move, not only am i in a place that i dont know, or know anyone, but I dont have my usual go to places for books.. and the library here is a little behind in the times.. I have picked up 2 books from there, and just cant get into either one of them.. so maybe I will see if they have this one..
well love you my friend..and wishing you a blessed week.
please keep us in prayer to find a new home church.. that is what i need !!!we tryed one, but it just didnt feel right.. so im on the search again..
love ya.. talk to ya soon

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