Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's None of My Business!

I don't know if God talks to you like that, but He obviously feels we've got a solid enough relationship that He can tell it to me straight: "It's none of your business." I ask God a lot of questions. Most of them really don't matter in light of eternity, but they matter to me in my little world here on earth. Sometimes He answers those questions. At other times He doesn't. I think He's ignoring me . . . dodging the tough questions. What He's really doing is teaching me to trust Him. If I can't submit myself to God's will, then I'm not walking in the Spirit . . . I'm surrendering to the flesh. I'm guilty of saying I'm praying for more faith, yet truly praying for my faith to have sight. I fail to turn God's Promises to prophecy in my life. In the midst of praying, I begin to question God's ways and when I get a little pushy, He simply says, "It's none of your business." I'm suddenly taken back and once again I'm humbled in realizing that God is God and I am not.

I'm glad I'm not alone though. I'm a lot like Peter. In more ways than I care to admit. But, when Jesus appeared to His Disciples after He had been resurrected, He had some conversation with Peter about his life. First Jesus confirmed Peter's love and devotion to Him. Then, He gave him instructions on how to be obedient to Him. Lastly, He told Peter how he would die . . . it wasn't good . . . it wasn't how Peter thought his life should end. Suddenly Peter was stricken with his flesh and asked, "Lord, what about him????" (referring to John, the Disciple that Jesus loved) Jesus' reply, "What is it to you?" Basically, "It's none of your business."

In the midst of our questions and overwhelming uncertainty,
we need to declare one thing:
"We have Christ . . . and that is enough."

God will deliver. He's promised us that. If we're walking in the Spirit, then we're trusting that God is in control and will handle our situations in the way He sees fit for our good and His glory. Our faith makes prophecy out of His Promises and faith WILL turn to sight . . . in God's perfect timing . . . in His perfect way. Until then, "It's none of our business." 

C.H. Spurgeon sums it up best:

"My case is urgent, 
and I do not see how I am to be delivered;
but this is no business of mine
He who makes the promise 
will find ways and means of keeping it. 
It is mine to obey His commands;
it is not mine to direct His counsels. 
I am His servant, not His solicitor. 
I call upon Him, and He will deliver."

"Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be delivered."
Joel 2:32


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