Monday, February 20, 2012

Exhausted Yet Pursuing

Without a doubt, life is exhausting. There are too many moments when I feel like all my strength is gone and I have nowhere to look, but up. At times, I've wondered why I'm in the race, and why I'm "fighting the good fight." It would be easier just to quit. I've done that many times in my life. And it was easier. Unbelievers have life easier on the surface . . . they don't believe anything, so they don't have to "fight the fight" (you have to believe something before you ever doubt anything) . . . and they're not in the race-they're just spectators. So, at first glance, it seems much easier to just quit . . . but, believing isn't easy, it just makes all things possible-which is why we must never quit. We must never quit pursuing God with everything that we are. We must never allow our circumstances to stand between us and God. We should always look at every situation of our lives through Him.

I don't have to tell you that we want "deliverance." Our spirits crave victory and peace as God's children. Though we're exhausted from the fight of faith, and deliverance seems nowhere in sight, we should always be pursuing. We must understand that God creates impossible circumstances, in order to demonstrate His power and provision. (He wants all the glory.) He'll strip you of all your resources, He'll push you to the limit; yet He'll supply your every need and lead you into deliverance. (He's giving you the great joy of being a part of His plans and working with Him in it.) There is nothing that can thwart God's plan in our lives when we're trusting in Him. He wants us "all in." He wants us abandoning our self-reliance and trusting Him beyond measure. It's worshiping through our worry and praising Him through our pain. We might become discouraged, but discouragement has never halted God's plans. And don't be surprised if your deepest critics, most challenging enemies come from within your own spiritual family. Don't let it catch you off guard. The enemy sneaks in your life in unforeseen ways. Be ready. Don't get distracted by the smaller battles that hold little meaning. There is a greater battle at hand-the one for your soul and possibly for the souls of others. Refuse to be discouraged in the face of impossibilities. Keep pursuing.

The story of Gideon really impacted me this past week. I want to follow in his footsteps. The Bible says he was,

"exhausted, yet pursuing."
(Judges 8:4)

Gideon was focused on God's mission, I too have remained focused and God is rewarding me, (in greater ways than I could ever imagine!) but there is still deliverance to be had. I keep that deliverance in sight at all times. But through the battle, as God prepares me, there are long days, early morning summons, days of stress and discouragement, and nights of sleepless prayer. In this fight of faith, I know that there will be few breaks for rest, and pursuits that will take me far beyond my own strength. At times, my faith feels depleted, but in those moments, God breaks through. His Light shines brightest in the darkness. And through it all, He gives me unshakable and unwavering peace. It far surpasses my understanding.

You see, I know God holds my victory. He holds yours too. I continue to trust the Lord through difficult circumstances and I'm assured by God's still small voice that victory is coming. God's plan is for my full deliverance-and I realize it may come in the last half hour-when I'm tired, frustrated, and can't go one more step. In my quiet moments God whispers, "Keep going." And He gives me all the strength I need to take just one more step. As I trust in Jesus, He gives me all the strength I need to finish the battle and God will use it all to bring glory to Himself.

I know one thing for sure: God is in control. As He asks me to walk forward in faith, I get upon my knees when He tells me, and I rise up in the battle when He directs me to do so. He leads me and guides me each and every moment. I know there are green pastures and quiet waters ahead. In the end, my soul will sing in victory: "God has delivered me, just as He promised. He has shown me the source of all life, power, and victory. I give Him all the glory."

I may be exhausted, but I'm pursuing . . .
deliverance is "at hand."


Debbie Petras said...

I want to say a loud AMEN to this! I am so thankful for Christian sisters like you who encourage me. Life is hard and yet God is so faithful. In the midst of many trials, He is blessing me with His presence in ways I cannot even describe.

Thank you for your comment today on Heart Choices. You have been on my heart recently and then I saw your name. How special and I appreciate your thoughts.

Blessings and love,

Denise said...

Hi Cherie,

This is right on target! :) Even though we are weary from being attacked from all sides, we are challenged in our spiritual life to keep up our fervor and not to put out the spirit’s fire.

Thanks for visiting my blog; I am excited to follow your as well!

Blessings for a joyful week,

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherie! What an AMAZING encouraging uplifting post! I continue to praise God for you, your blog & ALL your books & how they continue to help me on this very DIFFICULT journey I am on. Everytime I want to quit, I read something either in your book or on your blog that gives me the hope & strength to continue to fight the fight & perservere! Thank you for not quiting your journey & blessing us as a result :)

Cherie Hill said...

Debbie, SO great to hear from you! BIG HUGS!

Denise, I love how God connects us!

Kim, YOU are such a tremendous blessing to me!!! May God bless you in EVERY WAY!


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