Friday, March 16, 2012

FREE! 3 Days ONLY!

Don't miss out on this promotion I'm running for my new book, The Ways of God (Finding Purpose Through Your Pain)! FOR THREE DAYS Kindle users can download the book for FREE HERE! Spread the word! If you're able to post a review when you're finished reading it, that would be GREAT too!

This book ALSO includes FREE 1st Chapters of my two books, Be Still (Let Jesus Calm Your Storms) and Beginning at The End (Finding God When Your World Falls Apart)!!

Unexpectedly, we find that our faith has had a collision 
between high hopes and harsh realities—
ife isn’t turning out like we expected. 
We find ourselves questioning whether or not God is 
really in control . . . because life sure isn’t. 
Though He claims to be “all we need,” 
we’re just not exactly sure we believe that. 
In our fight of faith, we’re convinced 
that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts—
as hard as we try,
 we can’t figure God out. 
And although His ways may be higher,
 they certainly don’t seem better—
we made plans for our lives, 
but God is directing our steps and taking us 
places we never wanted to go. 

It becomes clear that God has brought us to a place in life 

where faith is no longer an option or a luxury, it’s a necessity— 
He’s brought us to our knees,
 so that we have nowhere to look, but up. In our hopelessness, 
we find God teaching us to trust Him, 
when there is no evidence that we should. 
The Ways of God takes your faith to the next level. 
You’ll come to understand that although you don’t know 
where your life is headed, God does. 
You’ll grasp that when you can’t know
 every detail of His will, you can trust it.


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