Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do YOU Know the Difference?

We have a tendency to try and "figure" things out. It's our fallen human nature. Instead of trusting in the One who created us, we "lean unto our own understanding." And that's why Scriptures like 1 Thessalonians 5:18 just don't even seem logical or reasonable:

"give thanks in all circumstances."

One little word causes alot of havoc in the soul: "all." It's difficult enough to praise God through the trials and tribulations of life, but to THANK Him????? How is that even possible? Thanking God for the loss of a loved one, for a child that is battling cancer, for a illness that causes pain and debilitation, for a family member who causes strife and discord, for a loved one who is an addict, for the wayward child, for the natural devastation that destroys homes and takes lives, for the financial ruin that puts your family on the streets . . . give thanks? It seems absurd. But, God's Word isn't hinged on ONE Promise . . . each Promise is linked to another. And Romans 8:28 gives us what we need to begin to be obedient to 1 Thessalonians 5:18:

"And we know that God works 
all things for the good . . . "

And there's that word again: "all." If God works ALL things for good. Then, we can thank Him for ALL things. Though we can't understand it all, we're told to give thanks. 

And while muddling through this with God and allowing Him to wring out my heart over it, I realized something: I MUST give thanks in ALL things, because quite obviously, I'm not God . . .
I found that it is COMPLETELY reasonable to thank Him for the GOOD AND THE BAD (what are good or bad situations in my life are just my perceptions, not God's) . . . 

I MUST thank Him
 for what I see as GOOD OR BAD . . . 
because I have NO ABILITY to know the difference. 


Anonymous said...

Boy did this speak to me: I MUST thank Him for what I see as GOOD OR BAD . . .because I have NO ABILITY to know the difference. Amen sister!! What I see as being bad, God can use/allow for my good...but I HAVE to believe that in order for me to be thankful in ALL things. I LOVE it when you give me points to ponder & meditate on. You always pour light onto my dark situations. God bless you Cherie!!

Cherie Hill said...

This is a tough one isn't it??? It may be one of the most critical concepts to grasp in our spiritual lives. I believe that grasping it, stepping into it, takes us one step closer to a life in Christ. Wow has He has blessed me with your encouragement!!! He knew I needed you!
Blessings sister!

Kendra Quilts said...

Praise God for you dear Cherie. Sweetie I wish I could meet you. Your Be Still book has helped me SEE so much! Bless your sweet heart! Thank you! I am getting ALL of ypur books as they are truly inspired by the Word of God! Love you!!
Kendra 55, in Arkansas
give thanks IN all things... not FOR all things. God has a plan indeed!!

Cherie Hill said...

You are too sweet Kendra! You have blessed me so much by your comments. I am really speechless and give God all the glory.
Going to email you personally. ;)
In Him,

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