Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Good Grief! Giveaway!

This book is truly unique. Everyone suffers in some way; Erica McNeal has decided to come along side of those who suffer and who are desperate to help the hurting. In "Good Grief!", Erica takes you through the chapters of her suffering in the beginning of the book and then leads you through your own suffering by providing powerful insights that will help you to find an oasis in your desert. The most unique part of this book is that it extensively covers the things we say and do when we're trying to comfort those who are suffering and why many of those things are hurtful instead of helpful. You will gain completely new insight into this area of suffering through "Good Grief!" I would recommend this book more so to those who are wanting to help others who are going through tragic trials of life. The message of the book speaks more directly and powerfully, not to those who are actually going through the suffering, but to those who are wanting to comfort others. (although those who are suffering are likely to find strength in the message as well.) The author writes with strength and compassion to those who are hurting.


June 11th – 16th.

Purchase an eBook, soft cover, or hard cover copy of Good Grief! and send your receipt togoodgriefgifts@gmail.com. Each person who sends their receipt will:

1. Have up to 5 opportunities to win one of the following daily thank you gifts:
a. $45 Carrabbas Gift Card
b. $45 Outback Gift Card
c. $50 Amazon Gift Card
d. $50 Best Buy Gift Card
e. Signed Hard Cover copy of Good Grief! and a Signed copy of The Hour that Matters Most from Les and Leslie Parrott

2. Receive a free downloadable podcast of my talk, You Are Not Alone.

3. Receive a free downloadable recording of the Intro of Good Grief!

Purchase 10 or more copies of Good Grief! and email your receipt to goodgriefgifts@gmail.com to receive a six week Good Grief! Small Group Discussion Guide! As soon as I can verify your receipt, I will send you the pdf.


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