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When you're at a loss for words, 
it's the word that sums life up . . . empty.
I am so blessed by my sweet friend who decided to do a blog post on my latest book release . . . READ IT HERE!


We all find ourselves living with the harsh reality that
life is hard and life hurts.
We continually demand that life be fair,
yet we’re well aware that it’s not.

Life can leave you at a loss for words. 
It has a way of suddenly casting you into the darkness of doubt. 
In these desperate moments, you find your soul being drained dry . . . 
you’re empty . . . 
and faith just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. 
Faith loses out when you realize that God could have done something . . . and He did nothing. 
Your life is further emptied when you realize that even if you live the “Christian” life, 
 things don’t always turn out the way you’d like them to . . . 
and that’s not the way you hoped faith worked. 
You don’t want God to comfort you in your troubles . . . 
you want Him to take them from you.

As God continually frustrates our faith with His constant inconsistency 
and ridiculously draining unpredictability, 
we resolve in the truth that He is the only one that truly understands 
our hurting hearts, empty lives, and searching souls.

We find the ongoing trials of life continually
draining us and . . . we’re thirsty.
Yet, through our endless efforts
to quench our undying thirst, nothing satisfies.
Our souls seem to be insatiable, and we know
we desperately need something to fill us, completely . . .
but it’s not what we think.

You’ve been waiting for God to show up,
yet He’s actually been waiting for you.
He’s ready to meet with you . . .
one on one . . .
at the well.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear sister, thank you for blessing me back & linking my blog :) It was TRULY a God led post to share about your amazing book! I know others are going to be just as blessed by reading "empty" as I was! Have a beautiful Christmas!

Peggy said...

Congratulations again Cherie!!!

...another great book ... and sad to say, I'm still midway in your others.

I just caught a glimpse of it being released this past month Dec. and at such a great price. Hoping to get more than the sample I have in my Kindle soon.

Although you may think that during the holiday season most people would not be 'empty', there are. I was one of them this year because of the fire that destroyed our MN home. Kinda leaves you that way even when you have faith or even when you believe that God has a greater purpose. I know of at least one for someone else that lives in that house but being away from there and not knowing what God intends for me, kinda leaves me empty. Yet there's another kind of empty (and I'm sure your book covers all with Godly principles and will restore "Hope being Gone" and "The Ways of God" for me), I realize that in order to be filled up completely by His Spirit, He desires to "empty" me. So that is where I am (pre-reading your latest hit and I'll let you know post reading as well as hopefully doing a review on the other one)! I love what you've shared above ... so I'll be waiting at the well before the trials, during them and after them, cuz I know when you think all is well, that's when the tide comes in again and hits you broadside! How well your words describe us and those valleys. And my heart leaped off the page as I read these words and nodded especially thinking of those 26 little lives in Sandy Hook:
"You don’t want God to comfort you in your troubles . . . you want Him to take them from you.

Then you honestly tell it as it is and encourage us with HOPE once again to stir up our FAITH
(me thinking mine may be in the ashes of my former home), I realize that He's here with me and I'm not there, not even at the well yet... but at least I know where to go! Thank you once again Cherie!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and filled with God's Presence and many blessings,
(((hugs)))sis... Peggy
PS: When I look at the titles of almost all of your books, I wonder often if you are facing some serious trials or drawing from your own well of deep sorrow, trials and experiences,
because you write as if you've been there, know and have overcome. I pray that you too have HOPE and FAITH strengthened as you write and do that for your readers! God bless you!

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