Thursday, February 7, 2013

FAITH Under Construction FREE 2 DAYS ONLY!


 Faith is hard. 
And the most difficult truth about faith is that
 it won’t answer all of your questions in life 
and it won’t solve all of your problems, either. 
Faith is about trust, not about being certain . . . 
and that's not how we hoped faith worked.

We talk a lot about building our faith, but when God is at work in our lives, there seems to be a lot more demolition going on. "Faith Under Construction" is a devotional that will begin the renovation of your soul and prepare it for the building that will take place throughout the rest of your life. Bestselling Christian Living author, Cherie Hill, takes your soul into the depths of faith, and the excavation will bring about a transformation of your spirit that is stable and secure, ready for anything.


1st Chapter FREE of Bestseller: THE WAYS of GOD
by Cherie Hill


Karen said...

Wow...thank you for another freebie, Cherie!

I have to let you know that I am reading "empty" right now and it is your best book yet in my opinion...all of your writings have been a blessing, but there is just something about this last one that speaks volumes to me...

As soon as I finish I will post a review on Amazon..

Kendra said...

Oh soooooo excited!!! Starting this tonight! Thank you so much! Your books are such an encouragement!! Empty was wonderful but all your books are. I have them all. God bless your precious heart. I love you Cherie!! Im still unpacking but love my home. This was Gods will. He is so good. Take care. Love you! THANKS

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