Sunday, January 4, 2009

God Will Speak To You

I was convinced that Charles Stanley could never write a book more powerful for one’s faith in God than he did through “The Source of My Strength”- I was wrong. “In Step With God” is a book that you will need to read over and over again in order to grab hold of the fantastic truths that will transform your life and increase your faith in our sovereign and loving God.

The thing that I love most about Charles Stanley is that he walks with God AND He writes his books! It is sad to see so many who succumb to hiring ghost writers to compile their sermons and somewhat organize them in a book. It is evident through Charles Stanley’s books that He first sits down with God and then sits down to write. It is truly a great blessing to all who follow his teachings.

“In Step With God” is what everyone needs in order to get their priorities straight and their faith focused. You’ll not only feel the heart of Charles Stanley pouring out to you, but the heart of God as well. This book was written for the well established believer as well as the lost soul who is begging for help and answers. As we all struggle for answers to our daily struggles, Charles Stanley takes us deeper into God’s plans and purposes and prepares our hearts for God to show up when we least expect Him. Charles Stanley fills the pages with wisdom for your everyday life by using Scripture to show the work of God in the lives of His people in Biblical days. The hand of God cannot be denied and you cannot help but find yourself in one of their shoes at some point; as a result, you find yourself with great hope and peace as you realize that God is with you always.

I can assure you, that if you will apply the principles that are laid out in “In Step With God,” you will find yourself walking more closely with God than you ever imagined and your life will never be the same. Don’t miss out on this fantastic message from God- I am confident you will hear His voice speak to you through it!


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