Saturday, April 25, 2009


(Book Review by Cherie Hill-Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer)

I really wanted to enjoy this book—I just didn’t. I will admit I have not read the other novels that Robert Whitlow has written, so maybe I’m missing something. Many people seem to enjoy his novels, comparing them to John Grisham works; this one just never grabbed my attention. I found myself setting it aside after every few pages. It was like a movie that takes forever to really get started.

In “Higher Hope,” a summer law clerk, Tami Taylor, is assigned to a libel case against a preacher with prophetic abilities. You really don’t get into the case until Chapter 7, and then when you do, the legal side of it all just wasn’t very engaging. The main character seemed quite cold in personality and I never could connect with her. Most of the book was overwhelmed with subplots that weren’t descriptive enough to keep my attention. They seemed like aimless events that were just flat out boring. The main character struggles with her faith being challenged and ultimately stands up for her convictions, but it just wasn’t interesting. I had really hoped this novel would be one I’d be soaked up into for many weeks to come, but I was disappointed.


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