Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Perfect Guide to Being a Princess for God!

Every little girl needs a hero that will always be there and never let her down…that hero is God. In a world that clings to “fairytales” and “false expectations” of life, every little girl needs to be grounded in Truth and “God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible” is the book that will do just that! Sheila Walsh did an AMAZING job of putting together a wonderful devotional that every little girl will love. The cover is “fit for a princess” and the contents are incredible when it comes to leading young girls into their God given purpose…to be His princess.

The feature that you’ll admire are: “Down in My Heart” which promotes Scripture memory, “Beauty Secrets” which gives quick tips on being beautiful on the inside as well as outside!, “Bible Princesses” which points out women of the Bible who made a difference, “My Hero” which tells of the promises God has made, “Take a Bow” which promotes dress up and acting out Bible focused plays, “I Adore You” which promotes singing songs of worship, “Princess Charming” which teaches manners, poise, and charm, “Worthy Love” which shows ways to express love to others, and “Royal Truths” which lay out the basic Biblical values that every princess should possess.

I can assure you my two nieces will be receiving this devotional Bible and I would HIGHLY recommend it for your little girls or as a gift for ANY little girl…they all need God and this book will lead them to Him.


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