Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Wild!

After reading “A Different Kind of Wild,“ you may find that your faith is just “too tame!” Debbie Alsdorf brings to light the critical parts of our faith life that are lacking and need more development. The book’s message aims to deepen your faith and bring you back to the basics of faith in God.

Too often we become misguided by the daily grind and lose sight of God. Debbie Alsdorf reminds us to “yield ourselves daily to God, realize that we have to choose to set aside our own emotions and desires that are contrary to God’s, and remember that we can’t change our pasts, we can’t change other people, and we can’t always change our circumstances.” But we’re reminded that we CAN keep our eyes focused on Jesus and that makes all the difference.

I can’t say that I really learned anything “new” through this book, but it did cause me to self reflect and examine my faith in many situations I am facing. For that reason, this book is definitely worth the read. There is nothing more worthwhile and priceless than deepening your faith in God. The book was well organized and each chapter ended with “strategies” and “questions for reflection.” I believe this book is PERFECT for your next women’s Bible study or small group. I found it to be more helpful, insightful, and useful than any Beth Moore study I’ve done. Regardless of what you’re struggling with at the moment, the message in this book will help deepen your faith to take you through whatever valley you will go through. Debbie Alsdorf invites you to pull out all the stops, dare to trust God, and get wild about Him!


Fliterary said...

Wow, sounds like a great book. Thanks, Cherie!

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