Thursday, October 8, 2009

Start Fresh!

Doug Fields has been given the gift and life purpose to point this generation to authentic Christianity. It is through his own journey of faith that has taken him in the direction of leading others to be set free from the chains that bind them. Doug Fields encourages you, through God’s Word, to understand that you’re not “stuck,” unless you want to be. He relays a message from God that in Christ…you ARE free.

The profound message that is critical in this book and in YOUR life is that YOU cannot be so great, so wonderful, so intelligent, and so powerful that you can set yourself free from the sins of this world. The author makes it perfectly clear that it’s the Holy Spirit that makes those changes and creates a new heart and spirit within you. The author explains the message of sanctification in a biblically correct way in order that those who are in search of a “fresh start” will not become discouraged and walk away from their faith. “Fresh Start” helps to bring you into the Truth that it’s more about continual surrender; it is less “trying” and more about “trusting” in God. It’s a step by step process to “Start Fresh” and Doug Fields encourages you to “take a knee” and watch what God will do.


Christina Tarabochia said...

Remember last month when you left a comment on my mom's blog?

You won a free copy of The Familiar Stranger!

Send your mailing address to christina [at] christinaberry [dot] net and I'll get that puppy right off to you. :D

Mary DeMuth said...

Hey! Got your comment on my blog. Welcome (almost) to ROckwall!

Cherie Hill said...

Thank you Mary!!! LOVING it here!!!
MANY blessings to you!

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