Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Things For Good

Book Review by Cherie Hill (Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger)

"Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain," by Dr. Meier and Dr. Henderson offers an insightful perspective of suffering. Everyone endures pain and suffering, but not everyone grasps the good that can come from it; unless they come to understand the ways of God. The message within this book clearly communicates the ways in which adversity becomes advantageous when you're looking to God and embracing His purposes.

The writing style of the book is more "educational" than inspirational. I personally enjoyed the book, but I'm a psychology major, as well as a lay counselor, and I can appreciate the educational tone. Those seeking a message that pulls on your heart strings and lifts your spirit from the inside out might be disappointed. I absolutely commend the Drs. on their incredible use of Scripture and ability to bridge the gap between psychology and Christianity. We truly need more books like this. The book heavily relies and refers to the Bible as the principle source for answers to our questions regarding our pain and suffering. I'm not sure I walked away with a better understanding of pain and I'm not sure others will either. The message may bring a little hope and encouragement people who are facing seemingly hopeless situations. I'm just not sure that this book is a real "eye opener" or "life changer." It may be just a simple reminder that God is a loving God, we can trust Him, and His purposes are for good.


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