Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Really Good Dirt!

From my blog title, you probably thought I was going to talk about the latest gossip news...but nothing about discussing smut is eternal...talking about REAL dirt...well, it actually is...let me explain.

We all long for those "mountaintop" moments in our lives...we wish we could just set up camp there and dwell on the mountaintops. But there's NO way to get to the mountaintop, especially a mountaintop like Mt. Everest or the Himalayas...without climbing them...AND going through some "valleys."

We want to move to "higher gound" in our personal lives, but we don't like going through the valleys to get there. But, what we often don't realize is that the "valleys" are where we find streams and rivers running that provide some of the most fertile soil in the world. It is in the "valley" where we find God. Just read through Psalm the valley there is fear and evil, yet God is there. In the valley, He restores the soul and provides comfort. (Isn't that what we're really after...a restored soul...comfort, encouragement, guidance, and protection from God?) We should see the valleys of our lives as a place where God is preparing us for a journey the mountaintop. The fertile soil of the valley, grows perseverance, discipline, self denial, and an unshakable faith that will enable us to climb the mountain; it is in the valley where God provides us all we will need for the journey ahead. He's growing the fertile soil!

Through my ministry,, I mostly hear of people's valleys. My ministry provides the opportunity for people to cry out to God and hear back from Him through His Word. It is in their valley where I can bring them face to face with a God who is abundant in mercy, full of grace, and motivated only by love. I can assure is a beautiful thing to see broken, lost, hurting, and desperate people come face to face with a God who gives them hope and peace beyond all understanding. And God does all of this...IN the valley.


Tamika: said...

I never expected anything less from your post, full of spiritual food. Recently I begun thanking God for the valleys in my life- they do yield unshakeable faith.

I wouldn't trade anything for my journey.

Darcie said...

Thanks for the comment yesterday and for following along.

Your posting today made me think of a line of a hymn, "We thank thee Lord for WEARY days". Wouldn't that be a beautiful testimony if we could say that from the heart? Because it is those weary days and those valley experiences like you said that draw us closer to our Father.

Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa Smith said...

Hi Cherie! It's so nice to meet you! This past year I felt like God not only spoke to me about the importance of the valley, He took me on a journey that has caused me to appreciate the climb. We can't experience the top without experiencing the bottom and we can't appreciate the view from the mountaintop without persevering the tough climb! I'm going now to check out your ministry.
warm blessings! lisa

Cassandra Frear said...

You're right. We need the valleys and the heights. Both are part of our walk with God.

Tea with Tiffany said...

So true. I understand the climb. And the dirt filled moments.

Barbara Frone said...

Wow, another awesome post. I was just listening to Joyce Meyer talk about valleys and mountain tops. She said things grow in valleys not on mountain tops. She said the only thing you see on mountain tops is other mountain tops and to get to those mountain tops, you have to go through the valley again.

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