Friday, February 19, 2010

We ALL Need "Recovery"

Most of us have heard of the “Recovery Bible,” but few have taken a look inside of it. I was incredibly surprised as I began to work through the pages and realized, “We’re ALL in Recovery!!!” This is not a Bible just for the alcoholic or drug addict; this is a Bible designed for anyone who has sinned. So that means ALL of us. The Recovery Bible has now become my “main” study Bible. Why? Each Book of the Bible begins with a detailed “Big Picture,” that presents an overview of each Book. This isn’t your typical “intro” to a book of the Bible. It provides the groundwork for the reasons God has given us each particular Book of the Bible. Then there’s the “Bottom Line,” where you are given the overall purpose and lesson for the book. Even more informative were the detailed writings on the “characters” that played part in the Bible. Throughout each Book you are given insight as to what the characters struggled with, their weaknesses and strengths, how they came into fellowship with God, and how they came to be used by God for greater purposes. I was enthralled by the “footnotes” on each page that held priceless knowledge and insight into so many of the Scriptures.

The “Life Recovery Bible” truly “speaks.” You can’t help but read through one page and hear God’s voice. The writers of this Bible have truly been used by God to reach a hurting world that is desperate for Him. I only wish that I had received this Bible from someone when I was starting out in my Christian walk. It is the best gift you can give to a Prodigal or someone desiring to deepen their faith. I HIGHLY recommend this Bible!

*I was provided this book for free in return for my review of it by Tyndale Publishers.


Andrea said...

I grabbed one on a clearance table a while back. I have not really spent time in it, yet. I am getting ready to go on a trip. I may just have to toss it in the suitcase and look at it more carefully. THANK YOU for the recommendation.
Blessings, andrea

Loren said...

Thanks Cherie for this review and also for your friendship and prayers!
I will definately see about getting this Bible!

Steph T. said...

What a great way to think about the does help us recover! I love that thought!



I know several people who have this Bible and I encourage the TRUTH in any form - so that God can do His Work of HEALING and RESTORATION to ALL LIVES.... for ALL have sinned as you have so equally yoked us!!

Thanks for your comment on:
It's Just the FEAR Growling...

His Word has come to me this week - that I am 'carrying a burden' for Him - that He has asked me to carry until the time is over......

I suffer from some physical problems with my back and feet that He has assured me many times - WILL BE HEALED by His Hand alone!

I am trusting His Heart - through all this... suffering
[now 2+years]
but KNOWING that He's ASKED me to carry that burden to the
end - in whatever He's doing -
That has now given me such FREEDOM

I'm so glad to know that this has helped you to TRUST HIM too!

BUT GOD..........
to be continued........... ;-)

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