Saturday, May 22, 2010

Begging for More!

Mary DeMuth is not just writer...she's an artist who uses the heart of God as a canvas and her gift of words as the paintbrush. I'm not sure there is a more gifted writer in the Christian Fiction genre. (I read A LOT of books...more than 100 per I can say that.) After reading the first two books in the Texas Trilogy, "Daisy Chain" and "A Slow Burn", I wasn't sure that Mary could pull the last one off. I mean, when you've poured out your heart and soul out in two amazing has to think there's an end to the outpouring of giftedness. I've seen it happen too many times to authors. Not so with Mary. "Life in Defiance" turned out to be the most powerful, beautiful, amazing, incredible book in the Trilogy. All I can say is "WOW!"

Mary's choice of words consume you. She draws your heart into the story, the characters, and the message with such awe striking finesse that life is just more beautiful hearing it described by Mary. As I read through the struggles of the various characters of Defiance, Texas...I found that there is probably a little of each in all of us. And the author removes the veil and reveals sin in such an incredible way that it will cause you to examine your own faith and draw near to the throne of God. Reading Mary's books are like reading a book that Picasso might have written had he been a writer! Mary's words make you look at the world in a whole different light...with beauty in each and every part...she gives you a glimpse of what it's like to look through the eyes of God.

We can all hope and pray that God will continue to fill Mary's heart with that she might write in a way that touches our hearts and draws us nearer to Him. Mary, we're begging for more!

(P.S. to the reader: This book is well enough to read on its own...however, don't cheat the first two me, you don't want to miss a thing!)


Karen said...

Sounds like a great trilogy...I will have to check these out!

Loren said...

have read them and look forward to reading this last book in the series! Great review

Jan Cline said...

Ive heard great things...good review here too. How nice to encourage us to pray for Mary and each other as we use our words to being glory to God. Have a great weekend.

Cherie Hill said...

Thank you for your comments far the last book was my favorite...I love how Mary unveils the darkness with such Light!

alicia said...

okay, I have heard a lot of fabulous things about this author, but you have definitely sold me!! Heading out tomorrow for some new reading material!
Thanks for sharing!!

Unknown said...

Hey Cherie,

Thanks for recommending these books. I am always on the lookout for new authors (to me).

Hope you have a wonderful day today.


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