Thursday, June 10, 2010

A REALLY GREAT Question...

Faith isn't fact, I think it makes life more difficult. If you're not believing in God, you never face doubt and disbelief in Him. If you're not trusting Him...there's no fight of faith. Life just is. Those who don't believe can appear to have less turbulent lives because they aren't casting Light into the Darkness. They're not a threat to the enemy. I've heard it said that when you become cherished by become significant to satan. I've found that to be true in my life...I'm guessing you've found it to be true as well. Just take a step of faith...make a decision to trust God...and you've just entered the battlefield of your soul.

It's in the midst of the battle that our soul cries out for God. Is He with us...or isn't He? That's a REALLY great question...but, what I've found is that for all the questions we have for God-He has questions for us too. So the Spirit answers our question with a question...and THIS IS A REALLY GREAT QUESTION:

"How would you live your life if you were ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that God was with you?"

What if you were certain that He was going before you each day...preparing the way...dealing with every detail of your life...securing your relationships, protecting your finances, guiding your mind through decisions, providing opportunities that would prepare your future for good, holding your health in the palms of His hands, allowing the afflictions in your life to develop your faith and strengthen your spirit for the journey? What if you were convinced? What if you had no doubt? What if you didn't need to continually ask God for a "sign" that He was with you and that He was involved in every detail of your life? What if you could rest in that assurance? What if you could have that kind of peace?

The reason we're not convinced completely is that our faith is yet to be perfected. We're on a journey of faith...doubt can drive us to God, instead of from Him...if we simply keep our eyes on Him...pressing through our emotions and into His arms. We can only find the peace that surpasses all understanding through the most treacherous storms of life, if our faith rests in WHO HE IS...not simply what He gives.

God is most often powerfully present when He appears to be absent. When we can't see His hand...we must continue to trust in His promise that He is with us ALWAYS. (Matthew 28:20) His eye is on every detail...and even though life seems out of control, God never is. When God isn't giving you a "sign" Him anyway. When you can't see purpose in your pain...believe that God has a plan.

Through every trial, God is developing a faith in us that will sustain our hope for the journey. The assurance of His presence through His Promises should be enough.
Is it enough for you?
Hebrews 13:5
Deuteronomy 31:6
Joshua 1:5
1 Chronicles 28:20

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD. Psalm 27:14


Karen said...

This is so awesome and timely...I know someone else that needs to read this...going to share a link right now...

Carrie said...

I am trying and failing right this minute! It is so hard sometimes. I know what I know, but it's hard to share that with my heart and the woman in me right now! Thanks for sharing this, it is perfect timing for at least one reader in the world right now.
Thank you!

Loren said...

So thankful that HE, not me, is the author and FINISHER of my Faith! Truly, it is a gift!

Bless you Cherie!

alicia said...

I know it shouldn't be a stretch for us to imagine, and yet it is. What a peace we would all carry with us though if we truly lived what we know to be true.
Great post!

Cherie Hill said...

Karen...thank you sister for passing on this message...I think it is not only one much needed in my faithwalk, but in MANY others'. Bless you sister!

Carrie...I'm going to visit you at your my comments there. Praying for you sister.

Loren...SO TRUE...I'm thankful that I've turned the "pen" over to Him and I'm allowing Him to write a story for His glory! AMEN sister!

Alicia...can you imagine?!? Truly living with the peace that Jesus died to give us...praying His Spirit moves in us in mighty ways to strengthen our faith in Him! Blessings sister!

Carrie said...

Thank you for your comments. So many things came together yesterday to prepare me for a very rough evening confirming our loss. I was uplifted and more able to meet what came yesterday due to this timely read, your comment, and the words of another friend in person. God is so good! Faithful no matter our state of mind!

Cassandra Frear said...

It is impossible that he would forget us, look the other way, or be busy with other things. It is impossible that he would not love in the most tender, direct way. It is impossible that that he would not care passionately about us and attend diligently to us.

For that is not who he is.

He is love.

This is why he stretched himself out and died for us. It is why he makes intercession for us all the time. We may not understand all the priorities he works on right now, but when we gaze upon the cross, we cannot doubt his will towards us. Have we ever had a better friend?

This is why we can walk in faith rather than fear. We know him and we know he is with us.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I'll be back later today to read it with more time as I like to read--really taking it in. I stopped by to thank you for visiting my little corner and commenting on Weekends of Worship as well as the google follow. I clicked on your follow and look forward to great visits.

Have a lovely Monday.

Anonymous said...

Came back as promised. ;)

Great thoughts. I am assured of His presence and I know He is always with me. My faith has turned into deep trust knowing that all He does is for my good; however, and I emphasize however, I don't always like His methods. I trust that they are the best methods but I don't necessarily always like them. Don't worry, I've told Him plenty. ;) He has promised us His provision, His presence, His guidance and protection and so much more, but He never said it would be pain free. That part is the one that keeps me looking forward to the day when all tears will be wiped away.

Love visiting. Many blessings to you today!

Debbie Petras said...

I am so glad that you visited me on Heart Choices today so I could find you!

Such a timely post for me to read. As you know, I'm dealing with issues of faith vs fear.

I loved how you wrote:

"when you become cherished by become significant to satan."

That is so true. Thank you for your words today.


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