Sunday, August 8, 2010

Step by Step

One of the greatest challenges in the Christian faith is learning how to truly connect with God and enter into a personal relationship with Him . . . author, Director of Women's Ministry, and follower of Christ, Melanie Redd, takes you by the hand and leads you step by step into His loving arms.

If you're thinking of becoming a Christian, have just professed Jesus as Savior, or if you've been a Christian for some time and find your relationship with the Lord growing cold, "Stepping Closer to the Savior" is the very NEXT STEP you need to take. Melanie Redd starts from the very beginning of your relationship with God and details the "WHYs" of faith. Why Do you need to be closer to Jesus? Why do you need to study the Bible for yourself? Why should you pray? The author addresses the challenge that threatens the faith of every believer, "What happens when God doesn't answer prayers the I want Him to and my faith grows weak and weary?" Each Chapter is powerful in its message and critical to your faith. You are enabled through exercises to practice what you're learning through the study and you'll find yourself walking firmly in your faith through each day.

For me, personally, I wish I would have had this book when I became a Christian. It would have saved me A LOT of bumps and bruises in my faith walk. The substance that is covered in "Stepping Closer to the Savior," is the necessary steps to having a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. I have not found a bible study that has completely embraced the process from beginning to end as Melanie Redd has done in this book. On a very personal level . . . I had been struggling with hearing from God on a particular issue in my life for several years now, and through this study, God spoke and revealed one of the greatest mysteries of my life through "Stepping Closer to the Savior." Without hesitation, I HIGHLY recommend this book!


Karen said...

I am familiar with Melanie's blog...haven't read her book....YET! Great review....

Unknown said...

Cherie.. you are so right.. there is nothing better than a close relationship with our lord.
I love when God does miracles in front of my family. I like to point out to my children that God cares so much about us, that he even cares about the little things in our lives,, and if he is about the business of our little things image how much closer he is, in our moments of real need,,
Thanks for sharing..see ya soon


More of HIM - is what this heart desires!

Choosing JOY,

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