Wednesday, September 8, 2010

God's Great Questions

When life is pulling us apart, it's difficult, at best, to simply grab hold of faith and press forward. We face so many "testing" moments, times where our faith is tried . . .when the enemy is attacking you from all sides, you're pouring out your heart to God, your soul seems to be an empty, bottomless pit, and you can't seem to find the strength to carry on. Our questions for God seem endless, but just when we're certain God isn't listening or He has hung us out to dry . . . we learn to embrace His silence . . . because it's in His silence that He is speaking. And He asks us questions. Questions that beg answers. Questions that test our heart. Questions that challenge our faith and take us deeper. Questions that in a single moment fill our heart and soul with abundant peace, strength, and grace. Questions like:

"What if you viewed whatever trials and tribulations your dealing with as coming from the hand of God?" What if you looked at the pain and suffering as coming from the loving Father who has chosen to lead you into this dark valley for the purpose of developing your character and faith?) - from the teachings of Charles Stanley

"What would you do if you were absolutely confident God was with you?" The one thing God asks of you as you live out your life of faith is to do what you would do if we were confident God was with you. (From "Plan B" by Pete Wilson)

In the end, our faith comes down to one question:

"Do you trust God?"


Andrea K. Van Ye said...

Or questions like ... Are you going to show up God? Are you really in control? And are you good? The answers are yes -- but sometimes, I think we have to learn it through the difficult times.

NanaNor's said...

Dear Cherie, Firstly thank you so much for your comment today-you blessed me.
I love this post-such a timely reminder before I head to the doctor this afternoon. My days have been ordained by Him and I trust that He will keep me safe and healthy as long as He needs me here.
Hugs today.

Unknown said...

Hey Cherie...
I too am going through very heavy thorns myself.. And had to come to God this morning and ask "why" Just when i think i see a clearing ,, thing get alittle bogged down again..
But I still know that God is in control.. I just wish that what ever lesson I am suppose to be learning through this time..that I would be a faster
I will pray for you,, and if you dont mind,,pray for me..
Have a blessed day my friend.. talk to you again real soon

Karen said...

How very timely for me, also...especially the first question...He asked my heart that very thing one morning this week...

Unknown said...

Great Post.. And I know he has to be with me through this time or the red blooded squaw(indian) in me would of already scalped
Just kidding,,kinda..But Its not that I dont trust what his is doing.. its just that Im so over it.. I just want it to be done with..
Your awesome thanks for a great post.. and Im keeping my chin up.
Love Ya Friend... talk to ya soon

ML said...

Cherie this is such a great post. I, like other women, struggle with "the silence." Sometimes it feels like being in an echo chamber.
"Hellooooo. Is anyone out there?" But thankfully I know that God is with us. I am grateful for your post.

Many, many blessings to you Sister! said...

This is great...I think this says everything I said in prayer this morning! There is nothing that comes to me that hasn't gone through the hand of my Loving Heavenly Father, it is for my good and for His glory.
When the world falls apart...that was my cry to him around early morning...this is confirmation of what I know to be truth...thanks!!!
Beginning at the End!!!

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