Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas "Presence"

As the lights line the Christmas tree
and the ornaments adorn its branches,
no one can deny what lies
beneath its mighty splendor.
But when the gifts have all been opened
and it seems that Christmas has come and gone,
we’ll find that underneath it all is not the “presents,”
but the glory of God’s “Presence.”
It is the gift that is given to us every
moment of every day . . . each day of the year.
It is never packed away in a box . . .
His “Presence” is always present.

He is with us always.
(Matthew 28:20)

God’s gift to us was One that would be
with us for all eternity.
Although it did not come wrapped in
pretty paper or topped with a glistening bow,
He wrapped it in His everlasting mercy and grace.
The unique part about God’s gift
to us is that we can give it to others,
yet still keep it for our own.
We can bestow His love and mercy
and bring others into His “Presence.”
It’s the gift that keeps on giving,
if we will simply pass it on.

God’s “Presence” sees us through
our greatest difficulties,
comforts us in our deepest sorrows,
and leads us into Victory, when we
acknowledge Him in all our ways.
His “Presence” breaks down all boundaries,
overcomes all obstacles,
and brings hope to those
who are consumed with despair.
But it is only when we receive Him and the gift
He has given to us that we will
come to know its true value.

Knowing that “God is with us” is the
greatest gift He could have ever given.
His love is without question
defined in the birth of Christ
and the Sacrifice of His life that conquered death.
There is no greater love than this.
So as we gather together this Christmas,
absorbing all its wonder,
let us reflect on God’s love
as we gaze at glistening lights
that do not compare to the “Light of the World.”

Let our hearts open wide and praise
our Almighty loving God,
as we open the pretty presents
that could never parallel the joy and peace that
God has given us with His “Presence.”


Unknown said...

Hey Sister friend.. thanks for swinging in by today.. I hope this Christ~mas Season is treating your well...
It has been a very busy but great time.. New Grandson :) and family is doing well.. my husbands new job is going well.. still not sure if he will stay at the branch his is at now(which we want, cause it is only about 45 minutes away, traveling but do~able) and I have cut my work down my part time job down to 2 days aweek.. and that is good for my personal health and home life..
Well didnt mean to write a book,,just wanted to stop by and say Hi.. Love ya.. Hope all is well..
Talk to ya again before Christmas..

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,
I knew I would be blessed by your post. Your post so beautifully honors the birth of our Savior. This Christmas my family has not decorated, or even put-up a tree, and this is because we have a puppy, a very destructive one :o) . We are not exchanging gifts in my family, and I know this sounds strange, but this has actually been the best Christmas, because it has allowed me to focus on Jesus.

I did the Amazon review on "Be Still". The Reviewer will say Tom Roth, my husband, because he has the account, but I put my name above my review.

God bless you & have a wonderful blessed Christmas

Duane Scott said...

Did you personally write this poem? I loved this thought!

But when the gifts have all been opened
and it seems that Christmas has come and gone,
we’ll find that underneath it all is not the “presents,”
but the glory of God’s “Presence.”


Cherie Hill said...

Hi Duane . . . so glad you dropped by . . . yes, I did write this . . . although, it must have been a Holy Spirit moment because I could never come up with anything that wonderful. ;)
There are times when I look back at what I've written and think, "Wow did I REALLY write that?" It brings me to a humble place . . .realizing that I but a slave to Christ . . . doing all that He asks of me . . . including writing. :)
Merry Christmas to you!

Cherie Hill said...

Hi Michele! Sweet friend, I'm going to send you an email! You are such a blessing!
Love to you!

lynnmosher said...

Cherie, this is wonderful! I always love that God's presence is "God is with us" always through Immanuel. Praise Him for giving us His gift!

LisaShaw said...


This is PRECIOUS and POWERFUL! Thank you for sharing our LORD!

Peggy said...

Blessings Cherie, Truly God breathed and inspired PRESENCE in each line written.

I came to here via Booksneeze and so glad that I did because of this, your 2 new books that I've added to my wishlist after being captivated by the preview... and asked for Kindle to add them. Plus I love your ScriptureNow that I'm slowly working my way through reading each one. I don't have room in my laptop for the downloads or they take longer than my patience allowed but hope to start with the FAITH one but maybe I needed the WAIT one.

I so agree with you and your words on the greatest gift... it's the only one I'm AWAITING... precious Jesus! Thank you, Cherie for ministering so much to me today.

Peace in Christ,

livinginbetween said...

His presence is most assuredly the best gift we have ever been given. Immanuel, God with us, is such a beautiful mystery. But a great truth!

Merriest of Christmases to you and yours as you enjoy His wonderful gift!

alicia said...

This is so beautiful, Cherie. The very best Christmas present of all! Many blessings and a very Merry Christmas to you, dear sister!

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