Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Your Story

Like it or not, each day your life is writing a story. Our stories can be filled with lots of drama, mystery, romance, or suspense. (So often, our stories are consumed with all of those.) But, it's important to be aware that behind every story . . . there's a Storyteller. When we come to realize that we're NOT to take the role of Storyteller, we can more readily accept our role and play the part we were intended to live out. Our story has been chosen by an Almighty loving God and He uses each chapter of our lives to complete a story that will bring Him glory. 

But, it's those chapters of our lives we'd like to skip over or maybe rip out of the book that can cause us undue torment. It's those words said and deeds done that we'd like to erase from the story. But we can't. It's written in ink, not pencil. But with God, ALL THINGS are possible. Through forgiveness, He allows us to begin again. He casts our sin as far as the east is from the west and as far as He's concerned, those pages don't exist. Yet, we're walking in the same life, with a different story. He asks us to trust Him and begin again. And sometimes, we have to walk out a chapter . . . one that brings pain, suffering, and great misery. Jesus walked through those chapters, we're certainly far less worthy than Him. He walked through those chapters, so that we would see how it is it should be done. He showed us how to play the part of a trusting, faithful, servant of God. What you'll find is that it's those VERY Chapters you want to rip out that will ultimately create the dramatic, powerful, and redemptive ending that the Storyteller has written for your life.

If you find yourself in a story that causes you to want to close the book, keep these things in mind:
(from "Same Life, New Story" by Jan Silvious)

1) You are not the author of this story. God is.
He knows the end from the beginning. He knows you didn't volunteer to be a character in this story, but for some reason residing deep in the mystery of His heart and brimming with wonder of His love, you have been chosen to live this story.

2) Don't fall for the line that "God knew He could trust you,"
that is why you have been cast into and incredible story that requires wisdom and courage to write. This is nothing about trusting you. This is about God moving in ways that require YOU TO TRUST HIM!
This is not about YOUR strength. This is about HIS strength!

3) The wisdom you reqire will be given.
It is not innate.
When you are in the middle of a story that requires wisdom, it has to come from above. It cannot be just what you think is the best thing to do.
(James 3:13-18)

4) Recognize your need for courage to accompany the wisdom you receive.
You will probably have to do something so unfamiliar to the way you have thought or so difficult that you will not be able to pull it off on your own.

5) Rememeber, you are not going through anything others have not gone through before.
They have found courage and wisdom, so can you. The scenes may be different, but the basic stories are the same. In a strange sort of way, there is great comfort in this. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

As God has guided me, protected me, and loved me unconditionally
through the chapters of my life,
I have so often heard the Spirit whisper gently,
"God is the author and finisher
of your faith . . . let Him write."


Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

I so enjoyed this post...mainly because this was my prayer this morning...God you are writing my story and today I am an empty page. I need to write this all down...great post and just the word I needed to hear...thanks for sharing.

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,
You got me thinking :o) , thinking more and more about our amazing God.

You Wrote:
"He uses each chapter of our lives to complete
a story that will bring Him glory."

They key word that stands out to me is "Complete", because once our story is completed here, we will be in the presence of
" The Author and Finisher..."
How Awesome is that, Amen!

God bless you :o)

ceemee said...

This is powerful, Cherie! Thank you. I hope God can write His beautiful story using my lie.

ceemee said...

I meant, my life. Sorry about that!

Cherie Hill said...

Thank you sweet sisters for your comments . . .you encourage me in my faith! I'm going to stop by and visit each of you. ;)

Michele Katherine, you are a blessing dear sister! Sending BIG hugs and many prayers,

Tammi said...

Dear Cherie, I've not been able to check blogs, or even do much blogging, since having to go back to school. But I'm SOO glad that the Holy Spirit led me to read your blog tonight. Guess what: Just today I was wondering about this chapter in my life. All these years I've had little "inklings" or ideas as to certain areas God has packaged me to serve Him. but I've been trying to connect the dots myself. But today He spoke and revealed to me the importance of letting Him have the pen. So, I've given Him the "pen" and asked Him to connect the dots, and write His story on the pages of my life, for His glory.
Thank you so much for this on-time word of encouragement!
Miss you! God bless!
Happy Belated New year too... :)

Unknown said...

My story of life has been no less than a rollercoaster ride for sure..there have been ups and downs, terrifying curves, and some thoughts of "will I make it through this ride?", but I sitting in the seat next to me is my good friend God..and we can look at eachother and smile.. knowing that at the end of the ride, we will feel happiness knowing it all turned out just fine..
Love ya friend.. have a blessed day


This is such a practical visual for us to read here! Great Post! We should always remember that God is not only writing our story - but that He is IN IT - because it's really His story!

He's with us through it all!

Thanks for your sweet comment today! You bless me!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I Particularly like this: "The wisdom you require will be given. It is not innate." When we abide in our Lord He gives us everything we need.

Karen said...

Awesome word, Cherie...the Master Storyteller has the ending of our story already written...can't wait for the epilogue with Him!

Barbara Frone said...

Thank you so much, Cherie, for this post. I especially needed the reminder that it's not God trusting us, it's us trusting him. I know this but yet I keep trying to do it all, thinking I can't drop the ball because so much needs to be done, or read, or studied, etc. I think if the devil can't get you to do a bad thing, he'll just ware you out doing what you think needs to be done because it's all dependent on you. I feel so overwhelmed at times and I feel God keep saying to me, stop and just trust me to take care of it, and I'll stop for a few days but then I pick it all up again. I'll just keep on keeping on one day at a time, Lord Jesus. I'll just keep listening to God's voice and one of these days I'll not pick up anything unless he tells me too. Love, Barbara

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