Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Would You Miss It?

I never thought about it, until the other day. My sons and I volunteer at our church to clean up the auditorium, restock it; prepare it, basically, for worship service each week. I've been shocked appalled disgusted saddened at what we find within the sanctuary. Each week it's as if a rock concert has been held. We find candy, soda bottles, coffee cups, notes with offensive messages written on them, grocery lists, and even movie tickets from the previous night (movies that no follower of Christ would ever watch). But, nothing has amazed me more than the Bibles that are left behind. Okay, so someone forgets It . . .  that's not what amazes me most. I'm stunned at how many WEEKS those Bibles left behind actually sit in the lost and found of the auditorium. Some sit there for months . . . some never claimed.

So, as we left the church last week, I thought to myself . . . if I forgot my Bible, there is NO WAY I could go even several hours without It. I am literally so dependent upon it throughout my day that there is no way I could live without It for more than a few moments. I have notes taken in it, messages from God to me are written within the margins, personal revelations that carry me through each day with great joy and strength are journaled there. The Word of God gives me the very breath I breathe. It is my greatest treasure.

So, how about you? Would you miss your Bible? How long would it take you to realize you'd forgotten it somewhere. It's a question not meant for condemnation, but simply a question to ponder upon. It's one of those questions that begs an answer in this journey of faith.



Are you kidding??...... one time when I was teaching - a girl in my Bible study had the same Bible as me [a pastor's wife no less] and she picked up my Bible and drove home with it. I was frantic to be without my own! We arranged the next day to make the exchange but it was not pleasant to be without mine. It goes everywhere that I do - it is my appendage!

Great post and great reminder of what is - and is not important! I too - cannot believe what people leave behind in the way of trash in a Sanctuary of God! Wow!

Be blessed with His powerful Word today!

Cherie Hill said...

Stephanie, thank you for stopping by! It's always so awesome to get a comment from you! Your friendship is a blessing!

Angela Nazworth said...

Hmmmm..I love your heart and this post...I will admit to having left behind my Bible often and not picking it up for a while...years ago I would have missed it...but now, I have so many versions at home and also have come to lean upon Bible Gateway as I write...so it is possible I could go for a while without my favorite Bible...but without going to God's word for weeks? Nope I could not survive.

Linda said...

I write all over my Bibles, underline meaningful passages, write notes in margins, jot questions to myself, or someone else's quotes, special notes from special people, sermon notes.... My Bibles document my life with God. Every time I hear about people in developing and/or remote countries going through a civil war or similar tragedies, my heart always breaks to think that often those people don't have Scriptures in their own languages and don't have God's Word to guide, direct, comfort, give hope to them. May God bless those missionaries translating God's Word into the languages of those who don't already have them!


Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the funny thing. I have many Bibles (I'm a pastor so it's almost a requirement) so I have a couple I leave at church (which is right across the street anyway), I keep my favorite at home, and most of my reading is done on my iPad or phone. I'm a real tech guy so that's not so surprising. :)

Cherie Hill said...

Jason, you bring up a VERY good point . . .I just LOVE how accessible the Bible is today! In fact, I'd be lost without being able to so quickly look up scriptures through various online tools. In fact, I can't imagine living in a better frame of time than where we are right now. The sky is the limit when it comes to being a disciple of Christ and spreading the Good News! I LOVE IT!

Cherie Hill said...

Angela, SO glad you stopped by . . . coming by to visit your page! Linda, you are so right . . . my heart breaks for those who do not have access to the Word. My heart breaks even more for those who have read it and heard it and have chosen to set it aside, counting it as useless. That's what breaks my heart.

Amy said...

Hi, I came over to visit from Grace Reign. I do agree with you of how great it is that the Bible is so easily accessible to us. I do however love to feel the Bible in my hands as I sit with Him to receive my daily portion. There is something special about holding my Bible. I have throughly enjoyed this post. Blessings.

Angela said...

The Word of God gives me the very breath I breathe.

amen amen amen girl! I totally can connect to this statement. I have God's Word throughout my home, Bible placed in almost every room. I even have scriptures painted on my walls, my diningroom, front entrance, computer room, and our bedroom. I have some scriptures written on my back doors when you come in and when you leave it's on the door...

I still remember a time when I was VERY sick,,and reading God's Word was very difficult physically..So I would place the bible on my chest at night and just lay there with my hands folded, grasping onto it,,and would fall asleep.

Cherie Hill said...

Hi Amy! I'm going to drop by your blog . . .THANK YOU for coming by today and blessing me with your comment!

Angela, WOW . . . I need to have you come decorate my home!!! I, too, cling to my Bible. You inspire me!

My Mad World said...

Love this post. If I left mine behind it would prob take me an hour or so to notice, (I drive an hour to go to church) but I would be VERY frustrated with leaving it!! I also highlight and write in mine, plus I usually have my notebook I journal/write in with that bible so I wouldn't like that I left it at all!!

I do have some other Bible's here, actually my favorite one is at home, I am using my new Study Bible I got but I would miss that one very much too and do what I could to get it back within the next day or so.

LisaShaw said...

Sadly I've seen this over the years too Cherie. As for me, NO I could not go without my Bible. As a matter of fact when I travel to minister I keep my Bible with me. I NEVER check it with my bags. If the bag never arrived ALL items are replaceable but if my BIBLE was in there I'd be heart sick!

Sadly, what you're seeing is an example of where many are in their faith or lack thereof. When I've seen it, I pray for them.

Thank you sister for your warm words and encouragement on my blog. You are a joy to call sister in Christ. Keep the faith!

Love you

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for sharing Cherie. Blessings.

Heather said...

Wow, I was coming on to comment but after reading all the other wise comments, I've been blessed.
Thanks for the visit, Cherie. I'm always inspired when I stop by here :)

Connie Arnold said...

I'd certainly miss my Bible if it was gone more than a day. I always read it in the morning. I'm sad to say I don't pick it up much during most days, and your inspiring post makes me think about how I neglect it and should make more use of it. Thank you, Cherie!

Cherie Hill said...

Dear sisters, dropping by to visit each of you.You are such GREAT blessings! I just LOVE your comments and I love watching the Spirit work among us in this journey together!
Big hugs to each of you!

Lisa notes... said...

It's funny you ask that question because I'm sitting here looking at a Bible someone left at my house last night. I feel sure she will miss it though.

Thanks for the encouragement to stay close to our Word!

Tammi said...

Living this Christian life, without having our Bible's handy, nearby, at our finger-tips, is like trying to fly an airplane in a FOG without an Instrument panel. We'd be in a nose-dive and not even know it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You're such a blessing! :)

Cherie Hill said...

Wow, what a coincidence, Lisa! Such a great analogy Tammi! Love to you sisters!

Fliterary said...

Cherie, that's so sad to hear what is left behind in the auditorium. I wonder if your pastor would show people. Talk about convicting! As for my Bible, I would be heartbroken to be away from it. Personally I wish I had a slot in my heart I could slide it in and keep it forever. Oh that I would hide His word in my heart!

Cherie Hill said...

Wow Lisa . . .that would be convicting for sure! Especially the movie tickets etc. OUCH! Reminds me of Jesus turning over the tables in the temple. What have we turned His house of prayer into????
Love to you sister!

Deborah Ann said...

I'm with you Cherie...leaving your Bible behind is the most offensive thing of all.

I'm leading a Purpose Driven Life group here, and one of the ladies left her book...two weeks ago. I called and left a message, she never came. Tomorrow we're meeting again, and I'm dismayed that she doesn't even care about missing a chapter. Oh well, what can you do?

Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

There is an assumption that the one they left behind is their only Bible...in our home we each have at least two. Since our church has Bibles for use on each seat many don't even take their Bibles with them to church anymore. I love all my Bibles and switch back and forth...having them placed at different points in my house.

As for the other things you are finding...well I would hope those things are from people who are coming to church to learn about the Lord...pre-Christians and not mature Christians, but the sad fact is we are all seeing the world more in our churches today and less transformation.

I am so glad it is God that calls us to Himself, least any of us feel it is by our own efforts.

Cherie Hill said...

Interesting Deborah Ann . . . I think that there is always evidence as to the strength of a person's faith. Jesus tells us to not be "lukewarm"(Revelation 3:16) This post was obviously not meant for condemnation, but an avenue to examine our own faith and ask ourselves our level our dedication to the Lord. Leaving the Bible was just an example, but by no means does that show someone is not a whole-hearted Christ follower . . . it just made me wonder. Praying you lead the women in your group into a greater depth of faith than they've ever had!!!
Blessings and hugs,

Cherie Hill said...

Janette, I agree . . .don't want to assume something . . .just thought it was thought provoking. I have about 8 Bibles, however, even if I left one, I'd know it. ;) It's simply a life support system that I just can't breathe without! :) When we find the other items, I have to explain to my boys that Jesus came to save those who are lost . . . if they can't come into the house of God to find refuge . .. then where will they go? So, I agree with you, I pray that these are not mature Christian, but those who need Light to shine into their darkness.

Duane Scott said...

Oh yes.... I would.

And I'm not projecting a holier than thou attitude.

I truly would.

Without the Word, where do I get my answers?

Cherie Hill said...

Somehow, I had a REALLY strong feeling you would miss yours Duane! ;) I agree with you . . . how in the world would I know what to do? I'm not sure I could breathe without it!

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