Monday, April 18, 2011

Max On Life

This book was exactly what I'd expect from Max Lucado . . . a Spirit enriching book that grows the roots of your faith and nourishes your soul. I have read most of Max Lucado's books and did not find this book to be repetitive of previous ones. This book is unique and filled with Biblical wisdom for life's toughest questions.

I was prepared for the "basic" questions to be covered . . . what I wasn't prepared for was the incredible questions that I never would have thought of and probably have been wanting to ask myself. As Max tells us, sometimes thre are are no clear, cut and dry answers  . . . but we can learn to have faith in the One who knows all. The basic break down of questions fit into categories such as "Why am I here?"  "Why me?" "Why Church?" "Where's the lifeline?" "Who goes where?" The questions asked are GREAT questions . . .the answers are Biblically sound and encouraging to your faith. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this book. Especally for the new Christian, the one who is struggling with their faith, or the person who isn't sure they understand what the Christian faith is all about.

*I received this book for free from the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program in exchange for my unbiased review.


Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,

I have not read this book, but I like that he is tackling things that all Christians struggle with; "Questions," questions, that we may never have an answer to, but clearly it's for our best, even though it doesn't feel that way a lot of the time.

When I think about all the questions and concerns I have here on earth, it's comforting to know they will no longer matter when I'm finally home with the Lord. Amen!
God bless you friend,

Unknown said...

Sounds like a good book! Love your new profile pic, Cherie! Have a blessed Easter, my friend!

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