Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paid In Full

Imagine yourself, before God. You are standing before the Supreme Court and your life is on trial. The Book is opened, and your every thought, word, and deed, is reflected upon. Though you walked into His courts, you find yourself falling to your knees as the verdict is reached, “Guilty.” In that moment, it is certain, that no matter how you might try to justify the sin in your life, no matter how great or how small, you know you are guilty as charged. The evidence is overwhelming and the result is inevitable.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God
is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 6:23 (NLT)

As your soul is being crushed, and you are consumed with despair like you have never known, from the right hand of God, the Son of God steps forward. He looks into your eyes; then addresses the Court, “NOT GUILTY.” Suddenly, the angels rejoice, all of heaven sings, and God’s glory is revealed. The most amazing moment that you have ever experienced, is one that will never cease, you have been given eternal life.

Although you might be tempted to believe that this is simply, “folklore,” designed to scare you into living a “right life,” it is actually the “Truth.” This day will come—the outcome is up to you. It won’t be determined by the decisions that you made about your life here on earth . . . it will be the result of the decision you make about Jesus. When you finally see God face to face, He will ask you one question, “What did you do with Jesus?” And the question will require an answer.

Think about your life, at this moment. What do you owe someone? Where does your debt lie? Maybe it is not debt over something material; maybe you have said something or done something where someone will not extend forgiveness, and you feel as though you “owe them.” More than likely, there is some cloud that hangs over you. Now imagine someone stepping forward and handing you the statement for that debt that says, “Paid in full.” “It is finished.” One moment, you are consumed with what is owed, the next, it’s gone. One thing is for sure, it would take you some time to learn what it is like to live without that debt. It would change your perspective of your life, or it should. It would cause you to reevaluate the priorities in your life, so that you do not fall into debt again.

But this isn’t about this life, it’s about the next. And there is a next; the Creator of the Universe has promised us there is. God made a choice, out of love for you; He sent Jesus. Jesus made a choice; the choice to live a sinless life, the choice to walk in the will of God, regardless of the price, and He did it, for you! He paid the price for you, “in full,” and He did it, with nails. The debt we owe for sin is not payable by anything we can do or say in this life— it is payable “in full,” by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is paid when you turn to Him and believe that He has paid the price, once and for all, for your sins. It is Jesus that will be there on the day of judgment of your life . . . will He know you?” Or will He reply, “I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:21-23) The choice is yours. Will you choose Jesus, just as He chose you? If you will, God assures you through His Word, that you will live forever with Him, and your debt of sin has been



Just Be Real said...

Thank you Cherie for an inspiring message. Also for your prayers. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Powerful words and reminder. Thank you, Cherie.

Unknown said...

Aren't you grateful that He paid it in full! I am more appreciative this year than I have been in a long time - for God's incredible gift of forgiveness.

Thanks for this reminder!

I appreciate you too. Praying you will have a wonderful and restful Easter Weekend.


Karen said...

Amen! Beautiful and timely words...

We can't thank Him enough for what He has done for us...

Denise J. Hughes said...

Paid in full. Those are the three words I will ponder on for the next few days. This is a wonderful post. A great reflection. Thank you.

Unknown said...

OmG.. Guilty as charged.. again and again.. but Thank You God for GRACE and FORGIVENESS..and for being patient with me,, Great visual.. great post..
I love ya my friend... Have a blessed..... Easter...

Toyin O. said...

I am ever so grateful that my past, present, and future have been paid for in full. My hope is when I get to heaven I will be known by Jesus and the entire host of heaven as soemone that love and followed Jesus heartily:)

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