Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Will of God as a Way of Life

You can call Jerry Sittser a professor, writer, etc.-I call him a Divine transcriptionist. I randomly (or "Divinely") came across Jerry Sittser's book, "When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer," while "googling" resources to write an article for a Christian Website. As I read through the synopsis, I decided to buy the book. I was a third of the way through the book and decided to purchase "A Grace Disguised." After reading only a few chapters of "When God Doesn't Answer . . . ," I knew I would need another "fix" after finishing it. In the meantime, I was able to get a review copy of "The Will of God as a Way of Life" from Zondervan.

I find it necessary to speak about Jerry Sittser because too often there is a disconnect between author and reader. (even between author and God) Mr. Sittser has found victory down a pathway of adversity that not many of us can fathom. His story is riveting, the story God is writing through his life is magnificent and breath-taking. Each word that is written within his books are not only from his heart, but from God's. Therefore, his books are not such that you can pass up. Who doesn't want to hear the heart of God on matters of the heart? Buy Jerry Sittser's books and transform your life into a life filled with purpose for God's glory.

About the book . . . the subject matter is a tough one. Understanding God's revealed will and hidden will are often difficult, at best, to discuss. Mainly, because each of us have a journey that God is taking us on. (God's design for our lives are specifically unique) We need to have a personal relationship with Him, in order to have a remote chance of seeing His "hidden" will. But, Mr. Sittser takes you deep into the heart of God's revealed will, and what you will find are the steps to becoming all that God created you to be. He'll show you how God's revealed will actually leads you into His hidden will. The message takes you into your past where there is forgiveness, the present moment where you're consumed by grace, and the future . . . where faith is all you need.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and anything that Mr. Sittser writes. His pain, is our gain . . . and if you'll give him your time, you'll find the heart of God pouring out to you through his own.

*I was provided this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review.


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