Monday, May 30, 2011

Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me

I was going to write my shortest review ever: "Buy this book." But, since Thomas Nelson requires me to write more than two hundred words on a review. I'll go ahead and elaborate on why you should buy this book. : )  Truly, I wasn't sure what to expect when I requested this book for review. Through each page, I realized that this was  more than just a book, more than just a "memoir" (of sorts), but a book of hope and healing. Ian Cron's heart bled onto each page to show the healing within himself and to bring hope to you. In my opinion this would be a good read for anyone, but this book is going to be "especially powerful" for those who grew up with addicts, lives with one, or is one. (specifically alcoholism) I would HIGHLY recommend it to those in this category.

The author writes brilliantly from the heart in a "Stand by Me" type of way. There's something about the telling of life from a young boy that is mesmerizing and captivating. This book is from the perspective of a boy who grew up with an alcoholic father who also happened to work for the CIA. Talk about secrets. It was absolutely amazing to read about the people that Ian's father rubbed shoulders with throughout his life. But, although you might think working for the CIA was living a "secretive" life, nothing was more secretive than the fact that his father was an alcoholic. I think the quote in the book by Joyce Rebeta-Burditt was the most powerful quote for me throughout the entire book:

"Alcoholism isn't a spectator sport. Eventually the whole family gets to play."

The author's recollection of the past will put you on the edge of your seat, only to have you crawling back in it while trying to hold back tears. If you are dealing with alcoholism in some way, you will gain insight and greater perspective into the truths about what it does to the addict's life and those around them. I believe Ian's father summed up the condition in a powerful way:

"Don't write checks against your life that you can't cover."

You'd think that with that advice and living with an alcoholic father, Ian Cron would have avoided alcohol like the plague. Not so. He shares his most intimate failures and struggles which open the door for others to seek the help that he did. Ian Cron is a priest because He chose to seek help and turn from the sin that destroyed his father's life and critically wounded the lives around him. Ian gives you hope . . . there is healing in a loving God who patiently waits for you to come to Him.

This book is a page turner. I read the entire second half of the book in one sitting. That's not typical for a "memoir." I read ALOT of books . . . very few can I keep on my shelves. This one will remain on my shelf . . . I want to be reminded of the powerful message within it. I believe this book has something powerful for each reader. If anything, you won't want to miss "The Dragon Coaster." I will forever remember this story . . . it captivated my heart and has given me strength to "throw my hands in the air and scream" through all of life's roller coaster rides. There is nothing to fear . . . when God is near. And He is.

*I received this book for free through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program in exchange for my unbiased review.


Beth Herring said...

i am always looking for good Christian books to read, so this one will definitely be on my 'to-buy' list.

thanks Cherie for sharing this.

Unknown said...

It is always refreshing to read a good book. When I need another book from BookSneeze, I will try to get this in print form. I sometimes get the ebook if I am not sure I will like it so your review helps. Thanks!

Ian said...

Hi Cherie,

Thanks for taking the time to read my book and for posting such a kind review. It means a lot to me when people go the extra mile to share their thoughts and feelings about my work and then recommend it to others.

BTW I went onto Google images and found this pic of the Dragon Coaster for you.



PS: Would you consider posting your review of the book on Amazon if you haven't already? I can't tell you how helpful it is for getting word out about the book!

Cherie Hill said...

Ian, it was my pleasure . . . this book will have a tremendous impact in countless lives. (I have posted the review on Amazon. :) AND that is so awesome of you to find a picture of the Dragon Coaster . . . I now have a much better vision in my mind. I will never forget that story. Thank you for commenting here . . . I was very blessed by your stopping by.

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