Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Seraph Seal

I simply couldn't pass on the chance to review a Leonard Sweet book, although I'm not a real "fiction" reader . . . and I'm glad I didn't. There has never been more interest in the end times than now. With 2012 approaching, the end of the times has never been publicized more. My guess is there will be many books written pertaining to the end times; I have three of them I just received in the last five months. "The Seraph Seal" is sure to be at the top of the list as a bestseller. This novel could easily become a movie.

"The Seraph Seal" is indeed a "page turner." However, I will caution that I don't believe this book is for the "casual" reader. The setting and characters change continually and you won't find yourself connecting to the characters in depth until further on in the book. Just about every other page changes setting and you'll have to remain attached and focused so that you don't miss anything. It's like a movie you can't leave for a restroom break. The research that went into this book is incredible and the events are HIGHLY believable. You may find yourself wondering if this is REALLY fiction. This is not just a book, it's an adventure . . . an opportunity to get a glimpse of what might take place at the end of the world based on Biblical prophecy.

*I was provided this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.


Arkatox said...

I have noticed from your reviews that you aren't a real fiction reader. That is a shame, as there's barely any good non-fiction out there at all (that would be where our opinions clash most :D).

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