Monday, June 20, 2011

not a fan.

I simply cannot say enough about how powerful this book will be in your faith walk. You WILL choose . . . if you haven't already . . . to be a "fan" or a "follower." "not a fan." will walk you through EXACTLY what it means to be a follower of Christ. He does this by showing you what a "fan" looks like . . . and a fan looks all too familiar. You will "Define the Relationship" you have with Christ through this book. And as Kyle Idleman stresses, you want to do it NOW without delay. One day, as the author points out through Scripture, you will come face to face with Jesus and He will either say He knows you . . . or He won't. The answer to that question will come through your decision to either be a "fan" or a "follower." The message will instill the truth in your heart that if you are not FULLY surrendered, you're not surrendered at all.

This book is simply one that you cannot put down. It is a has a message for everyone searching for God, for every "new" Christian, as well as every "mature" Christian. You will NOT want to miss this message as you strive after God's heart. By defining your relationship with Christ, you will in turn define the outcome of your spirit for eternity.

* I received this book for free from Zondervan in exchange for my unbiased review.


Just Be Real said...

Cherie, thank you for sharing and also your prayers. Blessings.

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