Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ascent from Darkness (Book Review)

I wasn't sure I wanted to read this book. But, after reading several reviews, I thought it might be worth the read. I thought I'd read it for the same reason I read books of former atheists . . . I believe it is important as a follower of Christ to know how the enemy works. After reading "Ascent From Darkness," I still have mixed emotions. I  know that the spiritual battle is truly real. I've experienced supernatural episodes that gave me full view of the spiritual battle that exists. But, I've never read anything as described by Michael Leehan. (Maybe some have read or watched thing similar in the horror genre.) Truly, the work of the devil is more frightening and powerful than we care to know.

For many, this book will simply be unbelievable. They will not be able to accept that Satan is "that" real. For me, I'm like most who know he is very real, but don't really want to acknowledge it much. I'd rather not talk about it. This story is NOT an easy read. Although I finished it in two sittings, this book carries with it the darkness that Michael Leehan experienced. It is VERY disturbing throughout most of the book. However, Light does come into the darkness. Redemption comes. It is truly remarkable . . . and again, will be unbelievable to most.

You will not be able to put down this book. It will affect you from MANY different aspects. It will alert you to the fact that satan is at work all around you and is deceiving beyond all your imagination. It will convict you that most of us are not strong enough believers to face the devil when we see him face to face. (I am amazed at how the staff of handled the whole situation . . .  truly warriors of God!) The message in this book will also alert you to how real the spiritual battle is in this life. I'm certain that if you're a believer, you will examine your faith and find yourself clinging to Jesus more than ever. But, mostly you will be amazed at the truth that there is NO ONE too far gone that God cannot reach. God's grace and forgiveness knows no bounds. LITERALLY NO BOUNDS. In Christ, there is hope at all times.

Truly this was an incredible story that I am thankful is being told. But be aware that the content is VERY disturbing. It is not for the "light hearted" or "lukewarm."

*I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.


Peggy said...

Thanks Cherie for writing such a honest review of this book! I came looking for your review of this before I decide or choose to read it. I completely trust your discernment and wisdom. You are spiritually grounded! I appreciate this review. I had some of the same reservations in choosing this book for my next even though as you wrote "the reviews were intriguing". I only thought about this because of knowing LifeChurch and being acquainted with the online church and Pastor Craig and his wife, Amy. Clearly after reading the Frank Peretti books long ago on Piercing the Darkness and battling with the enemy, I thought I might be able to handle this, but I'm still not sure about requesting this one yet... guess I'll wait.

But thank you.

Since you read this last year, obviously you've read many more that perhaps I'll consider. I pray that all is well with you.
Think of you often. I have not yet read "JOY" but really that's what I should read more than evil books. Your own books like "Hope Being Gone","The Ways of God" benefit me more but I need to select from Booksneeze. If and when, I become an author of my own book... I'd like you to help me get it published or do as you do. You really are quite busy. No wonder you don't have time to complete Scripture Now. I'm so sorry for not being able to help you with this still at this time as I'd like because of my "laptop" problem and having to be patient suing public cybers (just not enough time).
That's also why I have not finished your other books before the last one I reviewed. :0(sorry... I hope you understand and forgive me sis. Thanks for some of your recent encouragements via email, blog, your posts, and reviews. Though I have not been by to visit or leave a comment, I do try to keep up. You are such a sweet blessing to my soul. Glad you did review this one... thanks!

Love, hugs and prayers (anything particular???)... Peggy

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