Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And That's What It's All About . . .

You put your faith in, you take your faith out, you cry out in prayer and you toss and turn about,
God seems to be doing the hokey pokey, and our lives turn all around . . . TRUST . . . that's what it's all about.

Life can feel like the hokey pokey. Not sure WHAT it's really all about. But, God knows. And He's asking you to trust Him, even when there appears to be no evidence that you should.

As we demand answers, God demands our faith, and we suddenly realize how much we're lacking. Yet, just a little will do. The size of a mustard seed to be exact. Give it to Him . . . and watch it grow. We want things "our way," but God seems to think His way is best. Maybe, just maybe, He knows what He's doing. He's asking us to trust Him . . . in the face of impossibilities. "Faith is not he belief that God will do what we want. Faith is the belief that God will do what is right." (Max Lucado) Trust God, walk with Him, and He'll take you somewhere. Though you're in the valley, there's a mountaintop just ahead . . . trust God to take you there. If you're walking with Him . . . you're going somewhere AMAZING! Trust God in the journey and He's assured the glorious destination.

Are you groping for a blessing,
Never getting there?
Listen to a word in season,
Get somewhere.
Are you struggling for salvation
By your anxious prayer?
Stop your struggling, simply trust, and--
Get somewhere.
Does the answer seem to linger
To your earnest prayer?
Turn your praying into praise, and--
Get somewhere.
You will never know His fulness
Till you boldly dare
To commit your all to Him, and--
Get somewhere.
--Songs of the Spirit Trust in Spite of How it Looks  


Connie Arnold said...

Life does seem a bit like the hokey pokey! Thank you for the inspiring post, your faith and reminder to trust God. Blessings to you, Cherie!

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