Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Constantly Craving

My hopes were dashed with this book after chapter 4. Up until chapter five, I thought this book would probably be one of the most powerful books I've read in a long time. But something happened, a disconnect of some kind. Marilyn Meberg, a Women of Faith speaker, delves into the cravings we have in life. The first being our craving for love, romance, marriage. I was astounded at her insights and found a powerful and profound message within those four short chapters. But then the rest of the book seem scattered. I felt that the  chapters should have stuck with the "Craving" venue which would have been more powerful to the reader. (i.e. "Craving Contentment, Craving Happiness, Craving Friendship, Craving More Time, Craving for Meaning, Craving Purpose, Craving Solitude, Craving Freedom from Unforgiveness, Craving Home/Heaven/God.) My example sums up what the book is really divided into. Several chapters should have been placed into one.

I'm not sure what happened after Chapter four, the author alludes to having to take a break for her daughter's wedding and grandson's sixteenth birthday, then returning to meet a deadline for the book in a week. Quite possibly this had something to do with it, I'm not sure. (I hear this ALOT from authors with a contract, they are given the subject matter and then a deadline, they write without much heart, but out of necessity) But the rest of the book got off topic far too much and didn't gleen much insight into the "reasons" we CRAVE, as the book's message is supposed to present. We all KNOW QUITE WELL what we Crave. What we don't understand is the "why." The first four chapters presented quite well the "whys" for craving love and romance. The other chapters wandered off too much into personal narratives that took you too far deep off subject. By the time you returned back on topic, although I didn't find myself on topic throughout most of the chapters, you were confused about where you left off. The personal narratives were just too much. I CRAVED to understand more about me and my motivations to CRAVE, I longed for what the book was supposed to present. Unfortunately, it feel short for me.

Truthfully, I filled about two paragraphs of notes that I'm taking from this book. One of those paragraphs is several Scriptures that I found powerful and pertinent. After Chapter four, I found the authors own words to be unfortunately prophetic, the message within the remaining chapters of the book "became meaningless because there was no inner significance to it all."

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Unknown said...

Thanks again for your honest review. As I pick another book to read, I appreciate your reviews as you have great insight to these books. It is not easy reading and reviewing all these books, but you did it with excellence.

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