Wednesday, February 1, 2012


My bestselling book, Beginning at The End: 
Finding God When Your World Falls Apart,
 is available for FREE until February 5th!!! 
Don't miss out on this great promotion! 
AND stay tuned, my new book will be released in the next few days: 
The Ways of God:
Finding Purpose Through YOUR Pain

Book Synopsis:
At some point, the trials of life will bring us to a place of believing that we're at "The End." 
It is in our pain and desperation that we call 
out to a God who seems so distant. 
Our questions are endless. 
But what we find is that for all the questions we have for God . . . 
He has questions for us too.

"Beginning at The End" will take you on a profound journey through the Biblical book of Job. You will discover that its message goes much deeper than what appears on the surface . . . and so does your life. You will find that when you come to "The End," it is really just the "Beginning," when you encounter the Almighty God who offers forgiveness for the past, faith for the future and grace for the present moment.

"Cherie Hill has a heart for the brokenhearted. 
With true compassion she communicates God's personal 
and infinite love for all who suffer and search for meaning. 
I highly recommend this book."
-Father Jonathan Morris, author of "The Promise," 
theological advisor in "The Passion of the Christ," 
and FOX News Analyst.


Wanda said...

Congratulations Cherie on the upcoming release of your new book. And thanks for making me aware of the current promotion of your book at Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherie! It is by the Grace of God that I came across your books. I have them ALL on my kindle & am almost done reading ALL of them. They are inspiring, encouraging & have truly given me the Hope & Faith I need to continue on the journey God has put me on. Thank you for being God's vessel!

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