Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get Impacted!

For about a year now I have followed Pastor Jason's blog. I have been challenged, convicted, strengthened, and encouraged beyond words. Pastor Jason has a way of connecting you with God's heart and impacting you in ways you never imagined. "What's the Best that Could Happen" is an incredible read that is just hard to put down. Although I'd suggest reading a chapter at a time, due to the fact that each one requires examination and reflection, I simply couldn't help but plow through it. Truly, this book is "Salt" to the world . . . leaving us "thirsty" for more of Jesus.

This is more than a book however, Pastor Jason and his family are working to adopt a little boy from Japan. It is a life long desire that is in the works of being a miracle. Each book that is purchased helps to pay for their plane tickets and various expenses needed for this process. You'll not only receive a blessing through the powerful messages in this book, you'll be blessing a family who has a desire to fulfill the will of God in every facet of their lives!


Floyd said...

Hopped over from Jason's site. I have Jason's book but haven't got too far into it. Think I'll move his to the top of my stack of "to reads." Thanks for the heads up and the heart from God.

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