Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life

Everyone wants to be happy, but few find true happiness. With all the wisdom Luci Swindoll has acquired throughout her life experiences, she has written a book that sums up the simple, yet successful ways that SHE has found happiness. I am always leery of books that are "formula" based-"do this and you get that." Rarely does the formula work  on EVERYONE. The content of this book, the "simple secrets," are ways of living that has brought the AUTHOR happiness. Though you may be able to take bits and pieces and apply them to your life, in NO WAY are these ideas guaranteed to bring you happiness. For example, the author suggests,

Be on Time for Everything
Let People Know You Care
Organize Your Stuff
Make Something with Your Hands
Treat People with Kindness
Read Your Bible Every Day
Stay Proactive About Your Health
Value the Things You Have
Write Down Important Things
Communicate Often with Loved Ones
Know For Sure You're Insured (Have Insurance)
Set the Table for Company
Forgive Over and Over

The "secrets" above are just some of the 50 secrets. Of course, they are not really "secrets." They might be better called "reminders." Many of the "secrets" could have been combined. Such as, "Let People Know You Care" and "Treat Other People with Kindness."

The entire content is PERSONAL NARRATIVES by the author. Some of the narratives drag on too long. There is Scripture used throughout, but I only wrote down a few. After reading the book, it all felt shallow. For those who are in desperate need of happiness, these "secrets" won't do it. Too many people today are trying to find happiness by way of the "outside" in. True happiness is acquired from the "inside out." TRUE happiness can only come from an intimate relationship with God that transforms the mind and soul from the inside out. Doing "all these things," will NOT bring about long lasting happiness. They have ADDED to the author's happiness because she is connected with Christ. These "secrets" are the overflow of the Holy Spirit at work within her. AND MANY of the "secrets" will NOT make people happy because they were created ENTIRELY different. God has created each of us with specific desires that will enable us to walk in His will for our lives in a very personal way.

So, I wouldn't pass this book along to anyone. I think it's misleading. The formula will not necessarily work for everyone. The message within the book is ALL ABOUT the author's life and what has made HER happy. Honestly, you could probably make a checklist, check off all she's suggested, but without a daily intimate relationship with Christ, you wouldn't find true happiness over the long haul. This is the powerful element that is missing. That is the "secret." : )

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Unknown said...

Thank you for your honesty about this book. I appreciate your insights into what 'secrets' would truly help a person in desperate need. Thanks, Howard

Cherie Hill said...

Howard, thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. My goal is to stay true to my Savior and make sure that I lead others to Him.
Many blessings,

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