Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Day . . .

Every Knee Shall Bow by J. Kirk Richards, ©2008

Something hit me this past week as my heart grieved over unbelievers . . . one day, EVERYONE will believe. One thing that believers and unbelievers agree upon is that one day, we will all die. It's what happens next that is the great debate. 

I was having a discussion with a woman this past week who wrestled with how we deal with unbelievers and how we can possibly make an argument on our faith that we, ourselves, sometimes wrestle with. I told her that, most often, there are often no easy answers and you'll never win an argument. But, I told her that when I am having a discussion with an atheist, I leave the conversation, by allowing them to pour out their anger and disbelief, and then simply say, "Good points, but what if you're wrong?" Quite honestly, I've never had anyone reply to that. And truly, it causes me to stop in my own tracks of my faith walk, reassess what I believe, and walk forward with a stronger faith than what I had before I even entered into the conversation. 

Here's the bottom line, I have nothing to lose by trusting Jesus Christ as my Savior. To me, the evidence is overwhelming. (specifically in the circumstances in my life-not just historical facts) But, the unbeliever . . . there is more to lose than they could ever imagine if "they're wrong." Not only in this life, but the next. And there is a next. 

It is written: 
"'As surely as I live,' says the Lord,
'every knee will bow before me; 
every tongue will confess to God.'" 
Romans 14:11

I don't know about you, but that sounds like a "sure" thing to me. It will happen. And every unbeliever will then know that there IS A GOD. They will be face to face with the God they denied and that moment will determine their eternity. This is why my heart grieves for those who are so lost. Whether they realize it or not, one day, God will make a believer out of them. I pray it is in this life, so that they can live forever with Him in the next.

I'm reminded, as I live out my faith, that C.S. Lewis knew full well the doubt that continually tries to overtake the believer, and he encouraged us on in the battle of faith. May we, too, hear the rising battle cry in our hearts of faith shout:

"I am going to live as a Narnian
as long as I can,
even if there is no Narnia."


Kathy Schwanke said...

My thoughts too sister! Holding out in faith for them to turn! Mark Batterson talked about "One day" (that one day when Cornelius was praying and the Lord showed up and connected him to Peter who was also praying) How that ONE DAY was our prayer heritage. The day that the Gentiles were united to the Jews in the faith. So we pray together that one day they (the ones we pray for) will turn to Jesus! AMEN! :)

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