Friday, September 21, 2012


My client, Daniel Parkins is doing another promo today and tomorrow on his powerful book, Daydreams. Go to Amazon and download it for your KINDLE HERE for FREE!

It’s in our pain and suffering, when we find our faith being stretched beyond its limits, that we wake up to the reality that God is calling us to live out our faith with a transcendent goal of displaying His glory in and through our lives.

In the most trying times in life, we can find our loving God filling us with hope for the moments when hope seems gone, pouring down His grace upon us in times when we least deserve it, and consuming us with His joy, even when life is falling apart at the seams. It’s His amazing love that grips us . . . when we no longer have the strength to hold on.

In DAYDREAMS, Daniel Parkins gives a raw testimony of God's sovereignty through intense times of pain and suffering. He is powerfully transparent as He portrays his emotional, physical, and spiritual strain and in order to give the reader unique insight into the life and mind of one who has experienced utter agony beyond his control. His message is conveyed though multiple medical diseases, family tragedy, parental divorce, and the deep feelings of being alone and angry. In DAYDREAMS, Daniel Parkins challenges us to no longer be content with the walking nightmares we are often in, but to wake up and experience the joy and freedom it is to trust in our awesome God.



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