Friday, November 2, 2012

FREE for Kindle! Honest Wrestling


You won't want to miss out on the latest book release, from one of my clients, K. Howard Joslin, through WriteSource Publishing Services! 


Sometimes trials attack us so extensively,
that the pain of our reality contradicts even our core beliefs. 
Our faith is frayed.

In Honest Wrestling, we're given the rare opportunity to observe the depths of a family's frayed faith, when they are forced to face the unthinkable. In a raw and real way, K. Howard Joslin takes an intentional risk, allowing us to venture into the intimate struggles of his faith in order to come along side and encourage us with ours.

As a seminary graduate, we would expect K. Howard Joslin to have correct answers to tough questions that arise when one's faith is tested. Yet, in what seemed like a matter of moments, his family was faced with job loss, three miscarriages, an unexpected heart attack, and the brutal diagnosis of a rare cancer, one that was both aggressive and incurable. Joslin finds himself in the match of his life as he wrestles with God about the authenticity of His goodness and the reliability of His promises, while grasping for hope when there is none. Writing with gut-wrenching authenticity and transparency during the heat of his battle, Joslin rejects easy answers and raises questions that believers often secretly ask, but often find too risky to reveal.

Honest Wrestling offers hope-filled perspective for those currently undergoing trials and insights for encouraging those who are suffering.

My review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Raw and Real, A Rare Read 
We usually don't have the opportunity to walk out someone's faith with them. For most, their deepest struggles in life are kept between them and the God that their pain has caused them to question. Most people of faith fear that allowing others to see them doubting through difficult times will somehow cast their faith into deeper despair. But K. Howard Joslin has taken that risk. He's reaching out to the hurting through Honest Wrestling to allow the glory of God to be shown in the darkest of circumstances. As if his own surprising health issue and raising four children were not enough of a challenge, tragedy strikes in the form of his wife's rare cancer.

As a student in seminary, working towards a doctorate, K. Howard Joslin would probably expect to be able to answer the tough questions when it comes to faith; but you'll find him in the match of his life with a God who is well aware of his wife's unbelievable battle with a rare cancer. And there are no easy answers . . . mostly, there are no answers at all. Not unlike Job, Joslin finds himself truly questioning the God of the universe, and you will be blessed by taking the journey with him. He asks the questions that we all do in pain and suffering, and through his "honest wrestling" you'll experience the resolve that comes through trusting God completely.

If you're hurting or in desperate need of healing, you'll find Honest Wrestling a blessing in countless ways. You'll be glad you walked through this family's faith with them, because when you're finished reading this book, you'll unexpectedly realize that they have strengthened your own.


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