Saturday, January 12, 2013


This is the first I've read of Pastor Johnnie Moore's writings, it definitely won't be the last. The writing is brilliant. The message is a powerful, one from God's heart to ours. I'm not sure I expected the book to be on grace, and it was much more than that, because it draws you to Jesus where you find yourself receiving grace, understanding where you stand before Him, and then you find grace poured out . . . grace just happens when you meet Jesus. We get preached TOO much to these days that faith is by grace alone and not works, and the fact that we WILL BE JUDGED by our works (2 Corinthians 5:10, Matthew 16:27) gets tossed out the proverbial window . . . don't quite agree? We can look no further than Jesus' parable of "The Sheep and the Goats." We cannot let our faith be deceived, and Pastor Johnnie Moore wants to help us find freedom in Grace. The most compelling part of the message is that it's not something you acquire, it's something God gives . . . and grace just "happens." When you TRULY understand what Christ has done for you, grace pours out, you don't have to continually work to receive it. Jesus is grace, if you have Him, He's all you need to live the life He's called you to.

Through this message we find that sometimes our worship can get in the way of walking out our faith. It's vital that we understand that Christ lives IN us as believers. If that is so, wouldn't the world be a completely different place? Through Dirty God, you'll be convicted, compelled, and comforted in knowing that you don't need to take this journey of life and faith alone, Jesus is with you each step of the way (in fact, He wants to lead and guide you as you take the journey with Him). And it's apparent that Pastor Johnnie Moore spends an enormous amount of time at the throne of Grace . . . he's qualified AND called.

I've read some reviews criticizing Pastor Moore's "new generation" language. And FYI, I'm 40, so I'm old. :) I truly feel as though it's undue and unjustified criticism. The communication through the book was powerful, to say the least. We must all admit that "communication" is changing . . . and it is VITAL that we are able to communicate to newer generations that don't "speak" the same language as was spoken 50 to 100 to 1000 years ago. And we are no less "holy" because we don't use "thee" and "thou" . . . holiness isn't based on our technique, but on our ability to allow Jesus to live in and through us. To not adapt to the new generations would be more costly than we could all imagine. And quite frankly, Jesus didn't "communicate" in his teachings in ways that the "Pharisees" understood. In Matthew 13:10-13, we find the Disciples questioning, and almost criticizing, why Jesus is speaking in a way that the Pharisees can't understand, and Jesus explains His ways. So, it seems evident that different communication is needed for different people. Pastor Moore understands the critical factor involved in raising up the next generations and he speaks in a way that they HEAR AND UNDERSTAND. Truly the Spirit is at work in and through him.

This book is for EVERY Christian. If you're a NEW Christian, this book needs to be one of the first you read. If you're a matured Christian, you need this book to renew your Spirit.

*As a note, I have notified the publisher that there are some problems with the Kindle ebook version. There are sentences, maybe even paragraphs that are missing, stopping mid-sentence etc. Particularly in the first half of the ebook. Although it does not take away from the message, I was discouraged that I didn't get to read what may have been written.

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