Monday, February 18, 2013

The Wall

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall" . . . you know the rest of the rhyme, and it isn't a good ending. Neither is it a good ending for those who sit on the "spiritual" wall. 

I wonder if anyone tried to convince Humpty that being an egg and sitting on a wall wasn't such a great idea? I wonder if they took the time to explain the physics of the whole situation? Quite possibly some who knew Humpty tried endlessly to talk some sense into him before it was too late. Maybe others simply walked by and laughed at his ignorance and stupidity, which only drove him to sit there out of spite . . . just to prove a point. Others, who cared about him and loved him, may have tried to pull him down off the wall, demanding that they knew what was best for him, which only hardened his will and shell even more. It may have been that the town mocked and gossiped about him, only filling him with anger, shame, and embarrassment. Whatever the case, Humpty remained on the wall, until he fell

As followers of Christ, we are to be filled with the urgency to reach those sitting on the wall with the Good News . . . they don't have to sit on the wall. They don't have to live in fear of falling off. They weren't made to sit on the wall anyway. Our greatest desire each and every day should be to reach those sitting on the wall with the love and compassion of Christ . . . speaking of and walking out His boundless love. 

But, even in our most gallant efforts, we will find that there are those who will not respond. (And this is not our responsibility, but the works of the Spirit, John 6:44.) You may pray for months, years, decades, and nothing . . . they remain on the wall. They hear the Good News, they see the miracles of Red Seas parted, and grace that has endlessly been poured out in pursuit of them, but they'd prefer to just remain on the wall. Their decision is no decision. Their outer shell has become hardened, but what's inside is easily destructible. And when they fall, and they will, no one and nothing can put them back together. Don't believe me, God says so:

"A person who will not bend after many warnings
will suddenly be broken beyond repair."
Proverbs 29:1

We cannot ignore this truth. We cannot simply ignore those who sit on the wall, and yet, we can't change their hearts either, only God can. But we should pray that they decide to come down off the wall, making a decision to believe in their Savior who keeps them from the Great Fall, because there comes a time, that only God knows, where He lets them go their own way (Matthew 15:14; Matthew 10:14; Hosea 4:17). There comes a time when God says, "Leave them alone." There is no one to warn them, no one to help them get down from the wall, no one to catch them when they fall . . . "and all the kings horses and all the kings men, can't put them back together again." Let us heed the warnings that God has given us . . . to turn to Him . . . for we never know when the time will come when He leaves us alone . . . on the wall.

If you are sitting on the wall . . . in the name of Jesus, I pray that you will come down from the wall, making a decision to trust in the Savior Who has poured out His love for you. He beckons your heart with His, calling out,

"Quick, Come down!"
Luke 19:5


Kendra said...

Wow Cherie....this was wonderful! Never looked at it like that. Many need to see and read this. Good Good Good!!! Bless your sweet heart. Love, Kendra

Denise said...

Beautifully written my friend; it is never easy (and often times makes me feel like a failure!) when I can't get through someone's hard heart. I always feel like its a possibility to soften someone's heart with love, kind words, and prayer. But as scripture tells us, we have to let them go, trust, and move on to where God leads us. As always, you write on subjects very dear to my heart! :)

Blessings and love Cherie!

Karen said...

This inspired analogy totally touched me today...I have bookmarked this post to share with others....

Cherie Hill said...

Kendra, what a wonderful encouragement you always are. :) Love and hugs to you!

Denise, sweet sister, coming by to be "refined!" Yes, the Lord spoke very heavily to my heart about this, unexpectedly. Love and hugs!

Karen, Truly it was Spirit inspired, the analogy came from out of the blue, but laid heavily on my heart. Thank you sister for sharing with others . . . I pray for those on the wall. Love and hugs,

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