Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amazon Publishing Launches Christian Imprint: WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE

I am SO thrilled to be a part of the new Amazon Publishing imprint, Waterfall Press. Praying that God will work mightily through the publications! Coming in April: WHEN YOU NEED A MIRACLE...The Seven Secrets of Faith!

Secrets of Faith from the Founder of 
and Author of the eBook Bestseller Waiting on God.

Life often feels full of impossible tasks—needs you can’t meet, wrongs you can’t forgive, obstacles you can’t overcome. And in the midst of these crushing challenges, you’re supposed to have faith in a God you cannot see? Yet, if you walk in faith, you’ll find God paving a path full of miracles and blessings through all of your trials—if you trust Him, no matter what.
However fearful or horrible your situations become, remember God has allowed them—or even placed you within them—for a reason: to give you an opportunity to ground your faith in Him. It is only when you’re at a total loss, only when you have no recourse but to fall to your knees and cry out for His intervention, that’s when miracles happen.
Through a decade of pain and suffering, bestselling author Cherie Hill discovered how God meets her exactly where she needs Him. Now it’s your turn to learn how life’s trials are just an overture to His miracles.


Anonymous said...

Cherie, Congrats on being selected by Amazon. I'm excited they saw your skills and recognized your marketability. We'll pray for fruitfulness as you serve via writing. Thanks, Howard

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