Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Permission to Speak Freely

At times, I found myself enlightened by the the author's perspective, at other times, I was offended at her (covered) expletives toward the end of the book. Unfortunately, I think this book is a narrow topic and I'm just not sure who I would recommend it to. Even with those that I know that are facing addictions, this just isn't the book I'd recommend. The book just doesn't "take you anywhere." I'm not sure if you gain anything by reading it, except to understand that God's grace is always available and we as Christians have a responsibility to embrace those who sin . . . not cast them out. The book was more of a written confession/journal, obviously with the intent of reaching out to others and letting them know they are not alone.

I believe the author's words in this paragraph sum up the message in the entire book:

"Sometimes we've been churches that preach a grace up front for those who aren't Christians and grace at the end for those who follow the rules are "good Christians," but we've tragically neglected the people in between. The truth is that none of us, even on our best, "holiest" days-the days we don't cuss or look at porn or yell at our spouse or at the idiot who cut us off in traffic-even our best days aren't holy enough to be looked at by God."

*I was provided this book for free in exchange for my review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze program.


Jason said...

Wow...I wonder if you read the same book I did because I don't see this book having a "narrow topic" at all. Perhaps your personal dislike for blunt language colored your review?

Cherie Hill said...

Perhaps your right Jason, I think my review is spot on for those in my christian social groups . . . I'm trying to recommend the "best of the best" books for people I know to spend their money on. This just wasn't one I would personally recommend. It's nothing more than that. It just wasn't a book I'd keep on my shelf. I'll stop by your blog and check out your review.
God bless,

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