Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This video will literally leave you speechless.
Our God is beyond amazing.
There is nothing to do but stand in awe
and fall to your knees in worship.

As if the life God has given us were not enough . . .
He offers us ETERNAL life through Jesus, and yet
we often think He's a great Savior,
just not a great role model:

*We passionately love Jesus,
but we don't really want to be like Him.

*We admire His humility,
but we don't want to be THAT humble.

*We think it's beautiful that He
washed the feet of the disciples,
but that's not exactly the direction
our life is headed.

*We're thankful He was spit upon
and abused, but we would never
let that happen to us.

*We praise Him for loving us enough
to suffer during His whole time on earth,
but we're going to do everything within
our power to make sure we
enjoy our time down here.
("Crazy Love" by Francis Chan)

Each and everyday we must come
to the foot of the Cross.
Our lives are not our own . . .
we were purchased with a price.
It's all about surrender . . .
and after watching this video,
after trying, unsuccessfully,
to grasp the magnificence of God . . .
how can we not live our lives as a daily sacrifice
to the One who took our place? . . .
the One who wraps us in His Amazing Grace.


Holly said...

Oh Cherie,
You are so so right!
Great reminder today........................


Holly :)

Unknown said...

You were right that we're on the same wavelength! My human nature gets in the way, too often! It's a daily decision to surrender to His high and holy calling and that's what I desire today!

In response to your comment over @ Life Lessons: This is a tough lesson, isn't it? Good to hear that you chose the life of surrender - so neat to see how God is using you! Have a wonderful day serving Him! :) Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Riley. She seems to be adjusting well to college life - although she's struggling with her drawing class (she's a graphic design major). I appreciate your prayers so much! Thanks again my friend - you're a true kindred spirit!

*I'd love to get together if our paths ever cross - morgan(dot)maria(dot)i(at)gmail(dot)com

ML said...

Hey Cherie!

Great posting for today...

Purchased your book and I am enjoying it already!

Could I talk with you about interviewing you about it?


ML Michaels said...

Yes and Amen...well said!

alicia said...

I absolutely LOVE the book Crazy Love! Francis Chan offered up amazing insight into the lives of Christianity. Thanks for sharing and reminding!
Alicia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog..I have to say, I am not a runner...I was a dancer. I think her words have encouraged me when I couldn't see the end...she saw something in me I didn't see! It allowed me to be at peace with how I ran the race.
Blessings as you go through your journey...I love having others along the journey

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,
It's nice to meet you. Francis Chan is probably among one of the most passionate Pastor's I have ever listened to (via the internet). The Clip you show from one of his sermons is amazing.
Too often, I think about "My life", and get caught in my own little world", forgetting that my life belongs to the Lord. The clip is humbling. I would be happy to have you visit at my blog anytime.
God bless you,
Michele Katherine

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie, it Michele Katherine again, I forgot to mention your two books, they look wonderful &, I look forward to reading them.
God bless

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