Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Check Your Brains at the Door

This is one of those books that is absolutely a MUST HAVE for the teenager that has accepted Christ as Savior or for the teen you want to see saved who has doubts about the whole "Christianity" thing. It's vital that a Christian knows why it is they believe what they believe; if they don't, their faith is standing on shaky ground. Everyone is challenged in a variety of ways regarding whether or not they believe in Christ . . . or not . . . and the Christian is called to be ready to "give and answer" for the hope they have. (1 Peter 3:15) This book will equip any "teen" aged child and up the ability to do just that.

Each chapter of the book is like a "Mythbuster's" episode. There's a myth that's presented regarding the Christian faith and then it's busted by Scriptural teachings. The sections are: Myths About God, Myths About Jesus, Myths About the Bible, Myths About the Resurrection, Myths About Religion and Christianity, and Myths About Life and Happiness. You get an idea of the writing style by the Chapters' titles ike, "The Luke Skywalker God, Wimpy Jesus, The Bible and the Telephone Game, etc. The book is written well in relation to the teenager. I found the teachings within each chapter to be incredibly powerful and a truly beneficial in strengthening a child's faith.

The reason I mention this book specifically for teenager is simply that there is a chapter that is titled, "Sex is Not a Dirty Word." This book would be great for children ages 9 and up except for that one chapter. Although nothing "specific" is discussed, it would raise MANY questions in the mind of a young child.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book!

*I was provided this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review by the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program


Arkatox said...

I heartily agree with this review. I read this book a couple years ago, and at the time I thought it was utterly amazing. Recommended to any and all teens, including, well, me. I'd completely forgotten about it until I saw it on BookSneeze. I should've gotten it. :)


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